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Currently… March

My life is seemingly endless state of waiting, and mostly I complain a lot, but if you can’t complain on the internet, where can you complain? Things are good, Ellie’s good, Greg is probably going a little stir crazy watching her every day but is a great dad.

Feeling: Ready to get the show on the road! So, to catch you up to date and since I rarely post about it on here, Greg is trying to transition from Air National Guard to active duty, which I totally support. However, we’ve been trying to do this since he got back in August last year and it takes forever. We finally got the recruiter to get all the paperwork in a couple weeks ago, so now he says he’s done all he can and we are waiting to hear if it was approved or not.

I have accepted whatever news we are going to hear – I just want to know! We are not sure how long till we hear back. If it’s approved, we have more to do as far as getting dates scheduled for things he has to do, and if not, we’ve talked about a different plan that we are both fairly happy with and we will see how that goes. Ellie is only getting bigger and bigger, so either way, I’d like to move in the next few months (more to come on that as we find out more).

Trying: Ellie tried formula for the first time the other day. Her face was summed up like this.

I guess 5 months of boob milk means change is not easy. We’re not changing to formula, but may try to supplement if we find one she likes, because I work full time and she’s become bottle addicted. I am pumping even on the weekends now.

Reading: Double Dutch by Laura Trunkey. It’s a book of short stories, which works well for me since I am having trouble getting invested in things. I’ve read the first story so far, which I liked.

Watching: I have not watching annnyything in forever (okay, since I started work), but Greg and I watched Passengers a while ago. I liked it, but the trailer made it seem more space thriller-y. I have a space thriller obsession (give me alllll the space movies), but this was like a space love story.

Playing: We got Ellie these foam mat things, because my mom was insistent that she needs to lie on the floor and play. OKAY, ALREADY, MOM! We have a tiny space with hardwood floors, so we couldn’t just throw her on the floor. So we got these mat things. They are really cute and work well. The only problem is that Ellie has become so expert at rolling, she will hardly ever stay on her tummy. Her head totally makes her top-heavy, and her little legs pop up in the air behind her, and she rolls. She can’t help it. It’s cute, anyway.

Loving: This face, every day. This is the face I leave when I go to work.

Also, this is her face after she farted towards my face while I was eating a cookie.

Wishing: We could figure out this sleep thing. The last couple days we’ve started making some changes. So far, less hourly wake-up’s and what we need to work on is how to avoid 3 am being a time to be wide awake, whacking toys in the pack n play.

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Currently: September Edition

I’m so excited it’s What’s New With You day. I like to do currently’s every now and then and like reading them to see what people are up to right now. It’s weird to call this September. That’s the month my baby is due. Whattt?

Reading: As You Wish by Cary Elwes. I’m more surprised I never picked this up before. I love The Princess Bride. I’m enjoying it so far. Reading the stories behind the movie and the actors’ perspectives is fun.

Watching: Nothing on TV or Netflix show-wise, but Greg and I went to see The Secret Life of Pets and it was sooo funny. I really did not expect it to be so hilarious. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it, yet.

Also, this was one of the first new movies I’ve been to see since Greg left. I’m way behind on movies!  Regal even sent me an email months ago telling me they missed me. That was sad but also funny. Now that he’s back, we’ve been to see a couple, the other being Suicide Squad, which I was ‘eh’ on. It wasn’t bad, but not one of my favorite comic book movies.

Admitting: That I asked Greg whether cats had faces the other day. Or do they just have heads? Apparently, it’s obvious that they have faces. I’m an idiot but will admit to my dumb questions.

Eating: Oreo Rice Krispie treats, as previously discussed. Still amaaazzzing.

Trying: These Real Techniques beauty sponges after my Beauty Blender ripped apart. They’re a lot cheaper, so I hope they work as well (or better – my last Beauty Blender was kind of poo). Thanks for the recommendation, Nadine.

Feeling: Excited about this before and after transformation of the babyville in our living room. So much better. Boxes piling up stresses me out, but it looks semi-organized now!

Apparently, I became some sort of baby stuff pack rat while Greg was gone. To be fair, I needed his help picking out a dresser and installing car seats to get stuff out of the way. Good news, he’s awesome, and together we have cleared a path!

Wearing: Still wearing shorts ’cause that fall weather has not kicked in yet. I have maternity leggings I have yet to wear.

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28 Weeks: Bumpdates

We are experiencing a heat wave and it makes me wish I could create a pillow fort underneath my desk and take a nap. I would love to take my Snoogle pillow to work and wrap up in it.

The third trimester has brought a little more discomfort, but the same otherwise so far. This is basically me sitting in my chair at work.

Then I go home and go to bed with my Snoogle.

Baby is growing bigger; this week she’s an echidna.

She feels more like a baby gazelle or lemur the way she moves.

Greg sent a bunch of baby items in the mail. I love them all, and I can’t wait till we can pick out more stuff together.

Also, our baby’s alternate name, from two Doctor Who loving parents:

This is how baby feels every time I try to go for a walk.

It’s a big nope. I have the same ab/muscle pain every time I walk for any distance, which grows with intensity until I am walking slower than a turtle’s pace. Maybe prenatal yoga will be an option.

I baked all the cookies the past week. I have so many cookies in my house right now. I stuck the extra in the freezer for every day cookie monster moments.

These are from my favorite vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe. I usually use half coconut oil, half vegetable oil, instead of all coconut oil and I don’t notice any coconut-y flavor.

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23 Weeks: Bumpdates

The weather has turned from a lovely 70 degrees to 90 degrees within seemingly a week, like it always does. I have also grown a bump in seemingly as short a time.

I feel like my belly started growing overnight; it definitely seems much bigger to me than in the past couple weeks.
I am happy in at least some ways about the belly getting bigger, although growing a big tummy is still odd. I went to the ladies’ room the other day on a break from group training, and there were three ladies walking ahead of me. 
Of course when we got to the ladies’ room, there were only three stalls and they took them all. So pregnant me waited impatiently for one of these stalls to open while I had to pee so bad. Soon I think I will show enough for people to realize I’m pregnant and let me pee! Baby is hanging out doing the Riverdance on my bladder.
My week and a half off work was short-lived, but I guess it’s nice to get paid and stuff. I have financial goals – paying off the couple smallish loans I have is my dream, but if I can at least get close that would be a good thing.
Baby is the size of a chinchilla or an ear of corn.
Baby loves maple bacon tempeh.
I eat this stuff like crack. Today, I made a sandwich with tempeh bacon, colby jack cheese (Trader Joe’s cheese is the bomb), and French bread.
Baby also loves chickpea salad sandwiches, avocado, and cantaloupe. I also enjoying eating olives straight out of the can or on sandwiches.

I found this great dress at Target during their Memorial Day sale for a good deal.
It’s not a maternity dress, but I bought it one size up and feel like it will do its job. I am happy with it; it’s extremely soft and stretchy and easy to throw on while looking fairly put-together.
I spent the weekend in Virginia with my awesome mom and aunt, who sent more baby clothes and diapers home with me. I wish my mom was closer, but I love time we get to spend together. She’s the most wonderful and she’s exactly as weird as me and vice versa.
Random act of kitchen destruction:
I accidentally left our oven mitt on the oven burner, which is electric, and burnt it. Then I put it in the washer and dryer, so now it looks like this. Oops. Luckily, we have more oven mitts.
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Currently… What’s New

(photo via)

Loving… NetGalley. Thank you to everyone who recommended it. I’m on my second book now and it’s an amazing service. I’ve read a book I never would have found otherwise and am reading one that I wanted to read already.

Feeling… Thankful to my family members who have already sent baby items to my house. I don’t know where I’m going to put them yet, but I am so excited.

Enjoying… I had Trader Joe’s vegan tikka masala for dinner last night and it is yummy. It’s just a little spicy and the flavors are just right. Mind you, I’ve never had regular tikka masala, so I think I would enjoy that even more. I had tempeh BLT leftovers the previous couple nights. Sometimes when I come home from work, my pregnant belly wants some food that is different but I don’t have to cook.

Watching… Fringe. I have been meaning to watch this show for years, and I was in the mood for sci-fi. I tried watching X-Files, but I wasn’t feeling a ’90’s era show. This one is more updated and it’s fantastic so far. I’m up to near the end of season two. I recommend if you like sci-fi stuff; it’s also produced by the creator of Lost and the same musician does the music, so it’s reminiscent in many ways of Lost. Trade a polar bear for a giant mutant porcupine and you’ve got something close.

Appreciating… Warmer weather. It’s been raining a lot, but I can finally go outside without being cold and miserable. I had so many headaches in the first trimester that the freezing cold was not helping. I love this time when it’s 60’s and 70’s outside.

Excited about… Chipotle on Friday, and the fact that it’s business casual day so I don’t have to walk around the mall in my uniform when I go buy my Chipotle. I appreciate when people say ‘thank you for your service,’ but I’m really there for my burrito bowl with guacamole.

Planning… For a three day weekend. I work 9.5 hour days (at least until my temp job on base is up soon), so we have a three day weekend every other weekend. Long days but I guess the weekends are nice. I will certainly try to enjoy this one. Hopefully I can get outside and enjoy some good food.

Linking… This news about the tons of frozen veggies recalled that everyone should check out. I think I have one Trader Joe’s item that I need to check on there, but I should be good otherwise.

Wishing… It were Friday already. I plan to bribe my cats with extra food so they let me sleep in on the weekend.

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March In a Nutshell

I totally missed the last one of these, because what’s new with me was that I pretty much turned into a sloth, exhausted all the time! Thankfully, now that the first trimester business is over, I actually have some energy back and can do real people stuff.

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The ability to watch a full movie without falling asleep should not be underestimated. I have been up to a few things this month..
Supporting a baby alien:
Obviously, this was the coolest part of my month. I have a little potato/alien baby growing inside me.
I have to admit something with the food that was kind of a big deal for me when making a decision. I’ve gone from vegan to vegetarian during pregnancy.
I was struggling for a while to make the vegan happen, but I was constantly craving foods I don’t eat and I was even craving meat, which was unusual for me. I haven’t had any meat cravings since going vegan two years ago, but my body wanted so many different things than it usually does. I’m not eating meat, but I am eating dairy/eggs for now as well as vegan stuff, because I felt like I needed to do what my body was telling me.
I also had a LOT of food aversions to things I usually love, which have become not as strong, lately. My food tastes are evening out a little, thank goodness, and I can eat some of my normal foods, like the vegan tacos from my favorite taco place above! I know lots of people do vegan pregnancy and it’s possible, but it didn’t seem like a good idea for me.
Sweater: Target (similar) // Tank: MM // Jeans: MM
I finally gave in and bought some maternity jeans and it was the best decision ever. They are so soft on my legs and obviously the best part is they aren’t strangling me around my waist like most of my other pants. I also bought a couple tanks to wear with sweaters.
Mouse: Target // Cards: Target (similar or similar)
My mouse for my laptop broke, so I needed a new one and found the cutest one ever at Target. I also found these awesome unicorn thank you cards there, so I snatched those up. I couldn’t find the link online so they may only be in store, but Etsy has some fantastic unicorn choices.
I bought myself a Snoogle pillow after seeing all the reviews raving about it, and they are not lying. It totally works for me. I sleep like a rock using this. All my other pillows have been moved to the other side of the bed. It’s just me and Snoogle now, and I love it.
I traveled to South Carolina to visit my family and tell them the news. It was a good chance, because my uncle and aunt only come down from California and Virginia to stay at my grandma’s every couple years. It was a lot of fun!
They are riding in my mom’s boyfriend’s (driving) Model A above. BTW, that is not the car I drove down! You can see part of my little hot lava ride in the background.
We ate lots and lots of food and Mom took us to her favorite Thai place, where they had tofu and vegetables and it was all amazing. I would like to learn to make my tofu that delicious.
I even got a couple run/walk’s in, even though I forgot my running shoes. I borrowed Mom’s and they did the trick.
It was overall an awesome trip and my family is my favorite thing ever. It feels so great to be around them when we don’t see each other for so long, because we all live all over the place. They are all super excited at the news and we did lots of baby shopping. We bought a few things and I got one registry started and I have one more to go at a different store.
That’s it! I have one day off before I get back to work, but the break was definitely relaxing.
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What’s New?

What’s new in my life, lately? I feel like everything is new. I am a lady surrounded by cats and no husband. They try to do this all day long. They are even in roughly the same position as I speak, and this was from yesterday.

Greg is gone for six months and these are my companions. They have terrible breath.

We went to IKEA before Greg left, and bought a few new things. We traded out our old bookcase for a taller one with more space.

Greg secured it to the wall so it doesn’t topple on top of one of us and trap us beneath any Harry Potter volumes or Swedish wooden shelving, which would be a terrible situation, especially if I was depending on the cats to save me.

Here it is all built! I need more books to fill it up. The old bookcase was overflowing with this amount of books.

We also found a couple other cool things, like this scarf hanger. It ended up saving me a ton of space on the coat racks they were on.

And, finally, we got this cute new shower curtain.

I’m still getting used to living alone for now, but hopefully it will start to feel a little better with time. Luckily, there are plenty of people around me to talk to and hang out with. Greg is still adjusting to his schedule overseas, so it may take us both a while to get used to it.

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