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23 Weeks: Bumpdates

The weather has turned from a lovely 70 degrees to 90 degrees within seemingly a week, like it always does. I have also grown a bump in seemingly as short a time.

I feel like my belly started growing overnight; it definitely seems much bigger to me than in the past couple weeks.
I am happy in at least some ways about the belly getting bigger, although growing a big tummy is still odd. I went to the ladies’ room the other day on a break from group training, and there were three ladies walking ahead of me. 
Of course when we got to the ladies’ room, there were only three stalls and they took them all. So pregnant me waited impatiently for one of these stalls to open while I had to pee so bad. Soon I think I will show enough for people to realize I’m pregnant and let me pee! Baby is hanging out doing the Riverdance on my bladder.
My week and a half off work was short-lived, but I guess it’s nice to get paid and stuff. I have financial goals – paying off the couple smallish loans I have is my dream, but if I can at least get close that would be a good thing.
Baby is the size of a chinchilla or an ear of corn.
Baby loves maple bacon tempeh.
I eat this stuff like crack. Today, I made a sandwich with tempeh bacon, colby jack cheese (Trader Joe’s cheese is the bomb), and French bread.
Baby also loves chickpea salad sandwiches, avocado, and cantaloupe. I also enjoying eating olives straight out of the can or on sandwiches.

I found this great dress at Target during their Memorial Day sale for a good deal.
It’s not a maternity dress, but I bought it one size up and feel like it will do its job. I am happy with it; it’s extremely soft and stretchy and easy to throw on while looking fairly put-together.
I spent the weekend in Virginia with my awesome mom and aunt, who sent more baby clothes and diapers home with me. I wish my mom was closer, but I love time we get to spend together. She’s the most wonderful and she’s exactly as weird as me and vice versa.
Random act of kitchen destruction:
I accidentally left our oven mitt on the oven burner, which is electric, and burnt it. Then I put it in the washer and dryer, so now it looks like this. Oops. Luckily, we have more oven mitts.
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14 thoughts on “23 Weeks: Bumpdates

  1. bahahahaha that oven mitt is hilarious! i have done the same thing 😉 your bump is freaking adorable, and i love that dress from target. i hope people start letting you pee before them soon. i just read a book recently that talked about chinchillas haha so cute. what app is that? i want to use it one day lol.


  2. Love that dress that you picked up from Target! It's so cute, and I think that you'll get a lot of good use out of it! And I feel like that's something that I would totally do with an oven mitt! We have an electric stove and I'm always scared that something is going to catch on fire!


  3. I'm sitting here giggling about the oven mitt- sorry for your loss! Lol. I'm glad it was just the mitt and not a fire or anything! You bump is so cute- I'm glad you get to spend some time with your mom and aunt, and they could spoil you and the baby!


  4. I have a similar striped tunic/dress that's not maternity either but worked really well when I was pregnant. I was really cheap about maternity clothes so any normal clothes that can double as maternity are a win in my opinion!
    That potholder! Lol.


  5. Haha my oven mitts have seen better days….but not as bad as yours! Ummmm maple bacon tempeh????? What is that goodness. I think I have that Target dress! Your little bump is so cute!


  6. Hooray for spending time with your mom & aunt!! So good to spend sweet time with family. 🙂 My sister made me a new set of pot holders for Christmas and they have been awesome. My ones from before looked a lot like yours, ha! They get lots of use in this kitchen. 😉


  7. I had to get a new oven mitt lately because mine was basically the same. I had to hide it from the hubs so I wouldnt get a lecture on catching things on fire 🙂
    Love that stripped dress!


  8. That stripy dress is lovely! Good find. Your bump is adorable and I hope it starts getting you pregnant lady privileges asap. Here in London pregnant ladies wear a badge that says 'baby on board' so there's no doubt that people should give up their seats for them. It's pretty useful! Do you have anything like that where you are?!


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