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Five Reasons You Should Do an Obstacle Course

#1. You can go at your own pace. Everyone moves at a different pace, and no one even cares if you walk it (as long as you don’t take up the entire width of the trail). I like to go for the ‘prancing deer’ style.

#2. You can show off your super cool dance moves.

#3. It’s a great place to get out some of those deep down hidden emotions, like fear and absolute terror. You’ll also get embarrassing photographic evidence of these emotions.

This was about the time I decided that the boys I was with would be great on their own, and if I didn’t go down the slide right away, I would never do it. My body went down the slide before my brain was ready.

Am I crying here? Maybe? This is my “I hate water slides,” face. I know most people look forward to slides, but once once they reach longer than 10 ft, they transform into a tower of slippery nightmares for me.

I promise I’m actually fine. Every time I go down a water slide, I look like a cat in a tub (see last year’s obstacle course).

Oh, and there’s a pit of water at the bottom? Can’t wait for THAT!

On the flip side, my husband does it one-handed, while yelling with what I can only imagine is pure, manly glee.

That’s okay, maybe I did better at walking over a pool of water using a plank and a couple of ropes. Wait..

Can you tell how good I am at sports? It’s proven by how much I look like I’m crying while I’m doing them.

#4. You get super muddy, and it’s totally fine, because everyone is super muddy. And swimming through a pit of mud is kind of an enjoyable, floaty feeling, and you get to know what alligators feel like.

#5. At the end, you get a cool medal, a free hat and beer. I don’t drink the beer, but I appreciate the sentiment.

Okay, so maybe you just have to do it to know why you’re doing it. And some people are not into it, and that’s okay, too.

Which have you done, if any?

Our favorites are:
1. Warrior Dash
2. Tough Mudder (him, not me, yet)
3. Spartan Race
4. Wipe Out Run

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Watch Me Fall Off of Things

You know that show, Wipeout? Now I am fully aware of why they call it that. Greg and I went to the ROC Race aka Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge this weekend, and we had so much fun. I also fell on my butt a lot.

Greg took his GoPro with him, so we got lots of good video, and I wanted to share some pics of my wipeout expertise.

Jump Balls

More like Jump Ball, because I didn’t see anyone make it past one. So much harder than it looks!! I will keep making fun of those people on Wipeout, but I feel for them. I did jump on the first ball, but after that I flew diagonally and landed like a demented flying squirrel on the ground.

Wrecking Ball

The balls just kept coming back! I thought I was gonna be smooth and duck the first one, but then the other came, then the other one, and then the guy yelled, “No crawling!!” I couldn’t get away from the balls, so I jumped in.

Cool Runnings

Not gonna lie, I was so scared! I busted my butt cheek on the first water slide we went on, but luckily this one was much deeper. Somehow I ended up backwards?? The tube felt like it was flying a million miles an hour.

World’s Largest Inflatable Water Slide

But not as scary as the view from the world’s largest inflatable slide!!! Notice how much Greg is enjoying the ride, with arms up and eyes open, and I am flying down it like a paralyzed cat in a bathtub. We both have our own approaches. His is the more carefree approach, and mine is the, “What have I done? Is that me screaming???” approach.

Would you go on this slide??
Are you into adventurous sports?
What extreme adventure would you try?

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Spartan Race NY

This weekend, Greg and completed our first Spartan Race. Despite the fact that it hurts to put on my pants now, we had a lot of fun.

This was the muddiest race I’ve ever run. I must’ve eaten a full mouthful of New York mud.

This race was incredibly hard!! Luckily, Greg was there to help me out, because if you don’t finish an obstacle, you have to do burpees at each one. First of all, the course was on a freakin’ ski resort! There were no flat areas; it was 4 1/2 miles of steep climbs and downhills.

Here are my thoughts on some of the obstacles:

Barb Wire Crawl

Does this look crazy to you? Because it definitely is. It was about the length of a football field uphill, AND a guy was constantly waving a fire hose around, spraying us down. That turned out to be all right, because it made the ground a little squishier and softer on the knees. This obstacle took the longest, because of the distance and amount of people. Also the part where I got the most beat up on my knees and elbows.

Rock Drag

We had a pet rock for a little bit. This part wasn’t too bad. Greg wanted to take it with him for the rest of the race, but there was no stealing of the rocks allowed.

Lateral Climb

Greg tried to help me on this one, but when he reached for my foot, I screamed, “No, no, don’t touch it!!” and promptly fell off the wall.
Spartan Pancake
Carry more heavy shit uphill. They gave us a heavy bean bag type weight and we carried it in a big uphill-downhill loop. Lots of people were using them as cushions while they sat exhausted on the hill. We saw one woman sitting on a log near the top screaming, “Why did I sign up for this???”
Rope Climb
I tried this one, but my upper body was pooped. I felt like a fish trying to climb out of the water. Maybe next time.
High Walls
Greg had to boost me up on a few of the high walls, but it felt incredible scaling them and leaping over the side.
Fire Leap
This is the part where you feel most like a bad-ass, because it’s at the very end, and you have no idea why you just did all of that shit but it feels freakin’ awesome, and now you’re just gonna jump over some fire, ’cause it’s in your way.
Compared to other races I’ve run or been to, the atmosphere was totally different. We didn’t see any costumes during our run on the Spartan Race, which was surprising to me. The Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder seem to be a lot more playful, and the Spartan Race took itself more seriously.
I enjoy the crazy atmosphere of guys dressed like Catwoman, and the more laid-back attitude of the other races. The obstacles on this course were killer, though, and challenged me like I’ve never had before.

They haven’t updated the page with results and photos yet, I hope they do soon!

I’m gonna try to recover my body before we do the ROC Race this weekend!! I’m so excited.
Would you ever do a Spartan Race?
What’s your favorite obstacle course?