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Currently… March

My life is seemingly endless state of waiting, and mostly I complain a lot, but if you can’t complain on the internet, where can you complain? Things are good, Ellie’s good, Greg is probably going a little stir crazy watching her every day but is a great dad.

Feeling: Ready to get the show on the road! So, to catch you up to date and since I rarely post about it on here, Greg is trying to transition from Air National Guard to active duty, which I totally support. However, we’ve been trying to do this since he got back in August last year and it takes forever. We finally got the recruiter to get all the paperwork in a couple weeks ago, so now he says he’s done all he can and we are waiting to hear if it was approved or not.

I have accepted whatever news we are going to hear – I just want to know! We are not sure how long till we hear back. If it’s approved, we have more to do as far as getting dates scheduled for things he has to do, and if not, we’ve talked about a different plan that we are both fairly happy with and we will see how that goes. Ellie is only getting bigger and bigger, so either way, I’d like to move in the next few months (more to come on that as we find out more).

Trying: Ellie tried formula for the first time the other day. Her face was summed up like this.

I guess 5 months of boob milk means change is not easy. We’re not changing to formula, but may try to supplement if we find one she likes, because I work full time and she’s become bottle addicted. I am pumping even on the weekends now.

Reading: Double Dutch by Laura Trunkey. It’s a book of short stories, which works well for me since I am having trouble getting invested in things. I’ve read the first story so far, which I liked.

Watching: I have not watching annnyything in forever (okay, since I started work), but Greg and I watched Passengers a while ago. I liked it, but the trailer made it seem more space thriller-y. I have a space thriller obsession (give me alllll the space movies), but this was like a space love story.

Playing: We got Ellie these foam mat things, because my mom was insistent that she needs to lie on the floor and play. OKAY, ALREADY, MOM! We have a tiny space with hardwood floors, so we couldn’t just throw her on the floor. So we got these mat things. They are really cute and work well. The only problem is that Ellie has become so expert at rolling, she will hardly ever stay on her tummy. Her head totally makes her top-heavy, and her little legs pop up in the air behind her, and she rolls. She can’t help it. It’s cute, anyway.

Loving: This face, every day. This is the face I leave when I go to work.

Also, this is her face after she farted towards my face while I was eating a cookie.

Wishing: We could figure out this sleep thing. The last couple days we’ve started making some changes. So far, less hourly wake-up’s and what we need to work on is how to avoid 3 am being a time to be wide awake, whacking toys in the pack n play.

I’m linking up with Kristen and Gretch for What’s New With You, today.

10 thoughts on “Currently… March

  1. LOL Zoe smiles when she farts because it makes me giggle and she knows shes about to get a laugh out if me. Love the foam mat, we will be getting one soon I am sure. I am adding that book to my list! Best wishes on any news you guys get with the active duty.


  2. so i don't know much about the military, what would the switch mean? like what would change?
    that face after she farted – adorable. hilarious.
    i don't like short stories but that cover is so pretty! i want to read it haha.
    i haven't seen passengers but based on the trailer i thought it was what you thought, though i like love stories more than thrillery thingys so maybe i'll watch it. i can't imagine those 2 being in a love story though. it's weird.


  3. She is soooo adorable. πŸ™‚
    I had the same thing with my kids that once I went back to work and was pumping bottles for daytime that is all they ever wanted and so starting pumping exclusively at 4-5 months with both. We did start to supplement with formula at 6-7 months for both. I found it worked best to mix a little formula into a BM bottle and gradually increase the ratio to help them get used to the taste.


  4. Such an adorable little face!
    Good luck with all your life and career changes! I hope you guys get some answers soon. Waiting can be so stressful. At least you get to hang out with Ellie which you wait for news πŸ™‚


  5. hey man, just rolling around on a floor has got to be the best way to get around πŸ˜‰
    UGHHHH – I hate waiting. It really is the best.Hope you get some news soon.


  6. She is soooo cute! I've been following along with your pictures and baby stories thinking, “That'll be us in 4 months.” I never really stopped to think about it, but I guess I'm glad Orion's used to both formula and breast milk, because now we don't have to worry about trying to transition but sometimes he does get confused or make faces when we switch to a bottle after breast feeding first. Lol! I've decided it's a compliment that he prefers it from me.

    Are you guys planning on leaving DE? Good luck getting job and house things figured out!


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