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28 Weeks: Bumpdates

We are experiencing a heat wave and it makes me wish I could create a pillow fort underneath my desk and take a nap. I would love to take my Snoogle pillow to work and wrap up in it.

The third trimester has brought a little more discomfort, but the same otherwise so far. This is basically me sitting in my chair at work.

Then I go home and go to bed with my Snoogle.

Baby is growing bigger; this week she’s an echidna.

She feels more like a baby gazelle or lemur the way she moves.

Greg sent a bunch of baby items in the mail. I love them all, and I can’t wait till we can pick out more stuff together.

Also, our baby’s alternate name, from two Doctor Who loving parents:

This is how baby feels every time I try to go for a walk.

It’s a big nope. I have the same ab/muscle pain every time I walk for any distance, which grows with intensity until I am walking slower thanย a turtle’s pace. Maybe prenatal yoga will be an option.

I baked all the cookies the past week. I have so many cookies in my house right now. I stuck the extra in the freezer for every day cookie monster moments.

These are from my favorite vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe. I usually use half coconut oil, half vegetable oil, instead of all coconut oil and I don’t notice any coconut-y flavor.

I’m linking up with Kristen and Gretch today for What’s New With You.

What's New With You

10 thoughts on “28 Weeks: Bumpdates

  1. ahh – I'm sure the uncomfortable part is just so frustrating. You'll be through it soon.
    I love the stuff you got in the mail. What a cool hip baby already ๐Ÿ™‚
    I've gotta check out the vegan cookies


  2. oh i am sorry about the pain/being uncomfortable. i hope it stops or prenatal yoga helps. and um i need both of those baby clothes things, especially the stormageddon one. that's one of my favourite episodes ๐Ÿ™‚ and omg echidnas are so freaking cute. love them.


  3. Ugh, I'm sorry you've been so uncomfortable lately! The heat and humidity have been making me miserable, so I can't even imagine being pregnant and dealing with it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ At least you have some cute baby stuff. That makes it a little better, right?

    Also, the girl in that couch gif? I do that all the time when I'm trying to read on the couch. Haha.


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