friday things

Friday Things

We’ve been trying different foods. The only one she’s a fan of so far is apples. Pears and prunes are not her thing but she chowed down on some apples.

This week has been filled with reading, eating Which Wich twice in one day (I missed you, Which Wich), shopping, walking in the park, and Ellie learning new tricks like flipping onto her belly and wiggling like a baby seal when she’s supposed to be napping.

We started making pizza once a week. We did this most of the time already, but since we moved and started shopping at Publix, we started buying their pizza dough and it is hands down the best pizza dough we’ve tried. So fluffy and crispy. I like pineapples on my pizza sometimes.

I have two library memberships now! My one from Delaware is still good (until I don’t know when) and I got a membership in SC this week. This is a recipe for madness. They both have Overdrive, so I can check out ebooks. My holds list is gonna be out of control. Also, the wait list for books in my county in SC is way shorter than Delaware.

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. This was one of the books that had a wayyy shorter wait than my previous library, so I am pumped to read it. I’m almost halfway through and I love it. Blake Crouch is excellent at writing twisty books.

Baby Smiles:
Ellie’s full-tilt these days. She wants to play all the time and her giggle is awesome. She goes absolutely bonkers in her bouncer and I am pretty sure she is going to get everywhere by jumping before walking or crawling.

I have been cracking up over the United memes, but here’s something unrelated. I can’t stop laughing.

Also, this is important:

What else should I put on my reading list RIGHT now? Are you reading anything good? I’ve already got a mile long list from the book link-up, but I am always curious what people are reading. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

friday things · pregnancy

Friday Things

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a fantastic, relaxing day but I didn’t have many plans, because literally all I want is a baby. I hoped it would be Muffin’s birthday, but she does not want to come out.

Due Date:
Baby had her due date on the 24th, and she’s still hanging out in the belly and there wasn’t a lot of progress at our most recent check-up. So the latest news is that we have an induction scheduled for Monday. If she doesn’t appear on her own this weekend, our cozy girl is going to hopefully make her appearance then.

I feel like all my pictures are the same thing. Bump photos – it’s weird to think my bump won’t be there anymore. Although some things will be easier – getting out of bed, shaving my legs, getting off the couch like a person instead of a puppy that is too fat to get off its back, etc.

Doctor Who Accessories:
I’ve already bought her a Doctor Who headband, because of course I have. There may be some Doctor Who themed newborn photos ahead. I may be freaking out.
I love getting surprises in the mail, like stuff I signed up for months ago and then forgot about. I signed up for a free baby box from Sam’s Club and it’s pretty cute. It came with this awesome board book.
Greg took me out for birthday night dinner to one of my favorite restaurants, Home Grown Cafe. I got the seitan cobb wrap, which was all kinds of delicious, and it was so nice to get out.

Keep watching Instagram… if anything crazy happens, like having a baby, I will let you know.

friday things

Friday Things

1. Etsy shopping
We finally got the drawer knobs we ordered from Etsy for the baby dresser. I love them! It took forever to get them, but it’s worth it to have a more customized dresser. We looked at the dressers at Babies R’ Us, and holy moly are they expensive. We went the IKEA route, and added the knobs to make it ours.

2. Reading
I have been reading Live from New York by Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller. I’m not a huge SNL follower, but Greg and I started watching the last year or two, and we both like the current cast and the previous one. It’s really interesting reading the stories from the cast and writers, even not having seen the early episodes.

3. Cats
Boba Fett is my reading partner. He also still insists on being picked up and carried around every time I leave the bathroom. Perhaps he is trying to get his attention in now before the baby comes.

4. Trying a new recipe
I discovered that you can easily make BBQ tempeh sandwiches if you crumble the tempeh, mix in some BBQ sauce, and cook it with onions and peppers in a pan. So good, so easy! I also love homemade baked onion rings from the But I Could Never Go Vegan cookbook.

5. Watching
I haven’t been watching any TV shows since finishing Stranger Things last month, but we have been watching lots of Gilmore Girl reruns.

I started to cancel my Hulu account, since I haven’t been using it, and they gave me an extra month for free if I kept it. Okay, if they insist. I’ll wait to cancel till after my free month if I’m not watching it then. They actually have lots of movies I haven’t seen yet, and we used it for a movie night the other night.

Anything good on Hulu I should be watching? Have a fantastic weekend!