It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so I wanted to share what I’ve been up to recently.

Feeling: Totally embarrassed because my deranged cat attacked my landlord. I tried to warn him that she was mean and he didn’t believe me. He kept scratching her head and she hissed at least three times, so I thought he would get the hint. After the third time, she latched on like a piranha. There was blood, but he seemed okay. My embarrassment about my dumb cat is neverending, though. This is not the face of an innocent cat!

Enjoying: A long weekend with no plans except cleaning and relaxing.

Wanting: A good body scrub. I heard that Frank body scrubs are amazing, but I’m going to wait to buy any coffee-based scrubs till after pregnancy due to the caffeine. Maybe Lush would be a good exchange. What’s your favorite body scrub?

Reading: You by Caroline Keppnes. I just started it, but I’m enjoying it so far. The narrator is odd and creepy.

Watching: I just finished the new season of Orange Is the New Black. I was mad about things that happened, but it was so good. Season 3 and 4 were both better than I remember season 2 being. Now, I’m on to catching up with Game of Thrones.

Eating: I was too lazy to cook tonight and didn’t have anything ready I was in the mood for, so I got a tofu salad from Honeygrow. Finished off with one of my vegan homemade brownies that I made over the weekend and are nearly gone, now.

Wishing: All the things in the house could stop breaking while Greg is gone, please. The lights in our bedroom ceiling fan blew out the other day and won’t work even after I changed out the light bulbs. I talked to the landlord today and he said he would call someone. The kitchen sink got clogged and had a very slow drain. I went out and got some Draino today, which seems to have taken care of that. That one was kind of my fault for putting too much wet cat food down the drain when I rinsed out the bowls. Also, my toilet doesn’t flush right anymore and the handle sticks. It desperately needs the assistance of the fantastic guy who usually knows how these things work aka husband.

Happy About: Renewing my library card. I went a little hold-crazy, but I am almost caught up, now. I only have two books checked out that I am reading/haven’t read yet.

Hope you are going to enjoy some great holiday plans or relaxing time this weekend!

10 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. I love my library card. its like gold to me.
    haha – Not like you didn't warn him about your cat πŸ˜‰
    I've not heard of that book yet – I'll have to check it out


  2. i love do-nothing weekends where you just stay at home and organize/clean etc. today our plans got cancelled due to rain (outdoor festival) and i was secretly happy because that meant i could stay home and finally organize my damn dining room table that's been plaguing this house!


  3. Such good TV shows! We're finally starting the newest season of OITNB, and we're really liking it so far! You can't go wrong with GOT either! This past season was really good! And I just finished reading You and I loved it! Joe is so creepy, but it's too good to put down!


  4. Your evil cat is sooo cute, though. I'd probably risk petting her, too. Haha. My parents have a dog that looks cute and cuddly but he bites strangers. Little turd.
    I don't have any good body scrub suggestions so when you find one you like let me know! πŸ™‚


  5. LOL, Your cat looks like she's planning her strategy for world domination!
    My favorite scrub is the “Sugar Whip” line by Primal Elements. (You can get it on Amazon). It's a scrub at first but then lathers up to a body wash.
    I went a little hold-crazy at the library lately and have been reading like crazy lately trying to get through them all before they are due back!


  6. The law of life is that everything breaks when the man is gone. My Dad traveled 3 months a year for work when I was growing up and we were always extra-excited for him to come home and fix everything. ahahaha…
    Sorry about the cat attack on your landlord–I always believe people when they say their cats/dogs aren't very friendly…I figure the owner knows best!


  7. um….. any idiot that keeps petting a HISSING cat is an idiot. honestly, my cat Penny is sweet, but she gets scared by strangers easily and will swipe at you. I hate that cats get a bad reputation because of idiots doing idiotic things. like petting a dog that is snarling and snapping at you. hashtag smart.


  8. Bahahaha! Sounds like your landlord did it to himself. And your cat has the evil eye down pat. Are you caught up on GoT? Did you see that finale??? (We watched it while we were on vacation and the rest of the family was in bed and it was so hard to contain my excitement over all the craziness and awesomeness of that episode.)


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