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Loving… NetGalley. Thank you to everyone who recommended it. I’m on my second book now and it’s an amazing service. I’ve read a book I never would have found otherwise and am reading one that I wanted to read already.

Feeling… Thankful to my family members who have already sent baby items to my house. I don’t know where I’m going to put them yet, but I am so excited.

Enjoying… I had Trader Joe’s vegan tikka masala for dinner last night and it is yummy. It’s just a little spicy and the flavors are just right. Mind you, I’ve never had regular tikka masala, so I think I would enjoy that even more. I had tempeh BLT leftovers the previous couple nights. Sometimes when I come home from work, my pregnant belly wants some food that is different but I don’t have to cook.

Watching… Fringe. I have been meaning to watch this show for years, and I was in the mood for sci-fi. I tried watching X-Files, but I wasn’t feeling a ’90’s era show. This one is more updated and it’s fantastic so far. I’m up to near the end of season two. I recommend if you like sci-fi stuff; it’s also produced by the creator of Lost and the same musician does the music, so it’s reminiscent in many ways of Lost. Trade a polar bear for a giant mutant porcupine and you’ve got something close.

Appreciating… Warmer weather. It’s been raining a lot, but I can finally go outside without being cold and miserable. I had so many headaches in the first trimester that the freezing cold was not helping. I love this time when it’s 60’s and 70’s outside.

Excited about… Chipotle on Friday, and the fact that it’s business casual day so I don’t have to walk around the mall in my uniform when I go buy my Chipotle. I appreciate when people say ‘thank you for your service,’ but I’m really there for my burrito bowl with guacamole.

Planning… For a three day weekend. I work 9.5 hour days (at least until my temp job on base is up soon), so we have a three day weekend every other weekend. Long days but I guess the weekends are nice. I will certainly try to enjoy this one. Hopefully I can get outside and enjoy some good food.

Linking… This news about the tons of frozen veggies recalled that everyone should check out. I think I have one Trader Joe’s item that I need to check on there, but I should be good otherwise.

Wishing… It were Friday already. I plan to bribe my cats with extra food so they let me sleep in on the weekend.

I’m linking up with Kristen today for What’s New With You?

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16 thoughts on “Currently… What’s New

  1. I saw that link about the frozen veggies the other day and amazingly I don't have any on the list. Scary right???You TJ meal looks so good!!!! I love their frozen stuff. And I also love Netgalley!!! What an amazing service it is!! Some of my favorite authors are on there and then I also find books I would have never discovered otherwise. I usually read at least 2-3 from there every month!


  2. Already getting baby gifts? how fun is that!
    I always wish I was closer to a Trader Joes … & then that recall & I was like, EWW – maybe not 🙂 haha


  3. yay netgalley! hope you share the books you've been reading because #nosy.
    i love tikka masala.. i just love the sauce. basically i love all indian food, but mainly all the sauces haha.
    i remember watching the first few episodes of fringe when it came out because of joshua jackson lol but then i stopped, so you'll have to let me know if it's worth it in the end… is it still on?
    um that frozen veggies link is terrifying, thanks for sharing. off to check it out.
    thanks for linking up with us lovely!


  4. Oooh, I'm a big fan of tikka masala! Delicious! Do you like sci-fi shows? Have you seen the one and only season of Firefly? SO GOOD. Check it out! Hope you have a happy casual Friday!


  5. Mmm. I love me some Indian food, and it's one of the few cuisines where I can take out meat & still feel super satisfied.

    I hadn't checked out the recall yet since I figured I was safe. There are several brands I buy regularly on there, but luckily I don't have any frozen veggies right now from them.

    Stopping by from “What's New With You”


  6. Isn't Netgalley the best? I definitely went a little bit overboard with the requests, and now I have a ton that I need to read as soon as possible, but that just means that I have a ton of potentially great books to read! And hooray for Chipotle! My mom and I have a lunch date next week because she has a BOGO coupon, and I'm so excited about it!


  7. Okay, this may sound super weird but I have never had tikka masala—or any Indian food for that matter—but I crave it insanely every time someone mentions it. It just looks and sounds SO good. But I'm also often kind of afraid to try new foods just because I'm afraid of not liking it and it going to waste. But just seeing the picture of it on the package has me craving it like crazy right now!


  8. I just joined NetGalley and am loving it too. Maybe went a little too giddy and requested a bunch books, not realizing several were being released within a few weeks. Sign. The TJ's tikka masala looks yummy. There is a great Indian restaurant a block from me but it is kind of spendy. Always good to have back-up!


  9. I love tikka masala! But then curry is basically the national dish of England so that's no surprise. Indian food is delicious, I highly encourage you to try more! If you're vegan you might like lentil dhal, and saag aloo (potato and spinach thing). And pakoras and onion bhajis. Oh and samosas! Anyway…

    Does Fringe have Pacey in it?? If so I'm off to see if it's on Netflix UK…


  10. Somehow I have managed to miss that you were in the military until this post! I just read your about page to see that both you and your husband are in the Guard. Wow! I can imagine that definitely has its challenges. But I'm glad you had casual day Friday so you could get your Chipolte bowl in anonymity. 😉 Happy weekend, girl!


  11. I was just starting a huge book when I got another NetGalley book notice, so I'm going to read the NetGalley first since the other will take me a looong time to finish. I love having so many books to choose from, but I'll have to be careful how many I request!


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