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Our Big Secret

I’m still on my trip in South Carolina, but I am interrupting to make a huge announcement. I have been keeping a big secret, but since my family finally now knows, I can tell it to everyone. Or to whoever reads this blog, ’cause I surely do not feel like posting on Facebook.

We are expecting a baby come this September!

What the what! This was from last week, and I am actually 15 weeks this week, but have not taken the bump photo yet, what with vacation and stuff.

Here is me today at 15 weeks, bright and chipper this morning. Although, you can tell what I feel like by the end of the day.

Later that day,

I’m sure this is unexpected, because I have never talked about babies or baby antelopes or anything ever on this blog! So.. I will answer a few questions and do full posts later.

When is the due date?
September 24, 2016

Were we trying?
We discussed it many times and we agreed that when it happened, it happened. So, about a month after we agreed that we could probably begin soon or anytime, it happened. I would say we were both surprised it happened so soon, and I will tell the story of how we found out in a different post.

Where in the world is Greg?
I’m not trying to be mysterious with Greg’s whereabouts, but I like to keep his job private. He is currently deployed and is hopefully due back a month or two before baby. I am managing fine so far and there are a lot harder things some people are dealing with. I mean that some deployed situations can be a lot tougher for families, so we are doing pretty well.

Are we going to find out the gender?
Yes, we definitely want to know! I hope we can find out next month at my appointment, and I will ask them to put it in an envelope so that I can open it on Skype with Greg. I will be happy either way, although I felt like it was a boy at first. I could be totally wrong about that, though.

Is this going to be a baby blog now?
I don’t have intentions of changing the goal of my blog, which is to write about stuff that happens in my life, so it will have baby things, of course. But I like venting, chatting, and dreaming here, same as ever.

Have you thought of baby names?
Nope. That’s a lie, we have a couple so far, but are keeping them private because we don’t want family opinions etc influencing our choice.

That’s all I can think of for now, but feel free to ask anything. If it’s too personal, I will say no haha. As you can imagine, I’ve had lots of ups and downs with quitting my job last year and early this year finding out we are pregnant and Greg being away, etc. But we are doing great and very happy and excited.

I can still hardly believe it until I look at the baby pics and go to appointments where I see baby moving around in there. I’m 28, but feel like I’ll never be a grown-up. Whoever this kid is, I am excited to meet it and I am in disbelief that it’s always bumping around in my tummy because I can’t feel it, yet, but I hope to soon.

We always talked about kids, but that I have a baby growing is so weird! It’s probably a little weird to everyone, but I’m still getting used to this crazy idea of us taking care of our little muffin. I want it to be a happy little muffin.

15 thoughts on “Our Big Secret

  1. Yay congrats! This is is so exciting for you guys 🙂 The burrito picture made me laugh because I'm sure it's so different having a baby in there instead of just being full from some burritos!


  2. Thank you! Yes, it is definitely different, although sometimes I feel so full I could have eaten a burrito. Now I'm thinking about burritos again. The hungry cycle continues.


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