Some Late Confessions

It’s better to confess late than not at all, right?

My first confession is that I am fairly high on jelly beans. I have not felt the urge for Easter candy, but when my coworkers bring in a ton of jelly beans, something must be done. They’re Starburst jelly beans, obviously.

I’m working on base right now, but I’m not a permanent full-time employee, so when people ask what I do on the outside, I tell them, “Nothing. I quit my job last year.” I am at the point where I think I should make up cooler occupations, like deviant space life form interrogator. Or crocodile counselor. I wouldn’t wrestle crocodiles, I would intently ask them questions and chat with them.

I am getting accustomed to the people in my office and am alternately entertained and enraged by their habits. They are extremely dramatic and spend 75% of their day gossiping.

One of them is one of those Facebook people who has to post every inspirational and funny quote she finds on Facebook. She posts so much I had to hide her posts so that I wasn’t spending my time I went on there reading mostly her posts.

I don’t give a shit if you want to gossip or be dramatic in your life, but you need to stay out of my bubble. We work in close quarters, so when one person comes over near the other one’s desk, it is directly in my space and I can’t concentrate on the Reddit thread I am intensely reading. I don’t care about your baby daddy drama. I want to read about this person who just found a ghost in their house.

If you post a photo of yourself in your underwear on Facebook, I’m going to think you’re ridiculous. If you get in an outrage because people in your family reacted negatively to it and caused drama, I’m going to think you’re an idiot. You knew what was going to happen.

People who pretend they don’t thrive on drama make me mad. If they admitted it, would that take away the drama? I’m curious.

I’m taking a trip to South Carolina and my day of departure depends on if I can accomplish all the tasks I need to before falling asleep tonight. It’s not a hard list, but I am pooped after work. I need to pack, wash a few clothes, drop off the rent, buy cat food, leave food out for cats, etc.

I feel guilty leaving my cats alone. I’m going to ask my friend to come over and change their litter, so maybe he will hang out with them for a few. Is six days too long to leave cats alone? We’ve tried taking them along, but they hate that more. Our friend will probably check in on them after a few days.

I want to not be a lazy bum and sit here all day, and the weather is really nice outside, except for the fact that it’s EXTREMELY windy. So, I’m probably going to be walking myself to my car to go home and then to get tacos later.

My work network lets me write a blog post on Blogger, but blocks any site using Blogger. Illogical, but I won’t complain, because I don’t want them to take that, too.

I had veggie corn dogs for dinner last night and lunch today. It’s the cooking for one life, but they are pretty delicious.

Linking up with Kath and Nadine for Confessions. Have a good Friday/weekend!

6 thoughts on “Some Late Confessions

  1. That Parks & Rec gif… I totally snorted laughed at that.
    My coworker brought in jelly beans & I have eaten basically half the bowl.
    I hate leaving our dogs for more than a day – we basically are never planning a vacation ever again.


  2. Starbursts jelly beans are the best!!! And I like the Morning Star veggie corn dogs, they are so good! Sounds like a good dinner to me 🙂 I think 6 days is ok for cats if you have someone stopping in.


  3. hmmm 6 days, i would get someone to drop in. mainly because my cats would destroy my house and each other if they didn't get human interaction lol.
    omg i ate so many jelly beans in march, it's ridiculous. why are they so good?!
    and yes to the people who 'don't thrive on drama' but then their life is the most dramatic. stop it. stop.


  4. Ugh I hate when people just won't own the fact that they thrive off of drama! I totally admit that I like drama and like listening to other people's drama I would just rather not have it in my life. I hope you have a great time in South Carolina, but I always feel guilty leaving my dog when we go out of town too!


  5. Aw man! My whole comment got deleted. Grrr. Basically what I said was YUUUUMMM starburst jelly beans! I haven't had them in forever. I don't really eat a lot of candy anymore though but while I was on vacation in Texas I totally ate a mini Snickers bar lol it was so delicious. 😛

    Also, I think it's so cool that you can blog at work! I wish I could do that at my job! but they would yell at me. Grrr!!


  6. Haha well they would probably yell at me if they found out, but I'm in my own cubby right now and have lots of down time. If only I could read blogs at work!


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