Things That Are Different at 28 Than When I First Moved Out

Recently (okay about 2 months ago), I celebrated my 28th birthday. I don’t know what happened this year, but I am on a completely different path than I planned just a couple years ago. I went from enjoying my job, to feeling bored and unhappy (could I do the same thing every day and feel like I was pulling some coworkers’ weight all the time at a place I couldn’t see any growth?), to searching for the next step.

And as scary as it is, I quit my job. That’s crazy, right? Luckily, when I left I left on good terms and my boss told me clearly that I was welcome back, so it isn’t as terrifying as it could be. But still terrifying!! I am jobless. Sort of.

There’s nothing like a change in your routine to make you appreciate what you have. I’m away from home for training (for the next month or so) right now, so I’m looking at you, weird hotel room that makes me miss my home.

While I sit and contemplate my need of husband / cat snuggles, I thought about all the things that have changed since I first moved out on my own after graduating college.

When I first moved out, I moved from South Carolina to Delaware and lived with my future husband and two roommates; all four of us were jammed into a two-bedroom apartment. It was a nice apartment, and one of the only problems we ever had with them was the official notice we got stating not to feed stray cats. I am a cat feeder, okay! It is what I am.

But, I noticed that there are a lot of things that have changed since first moving out on my own. Here are a few things that are different:

I no longer eat box mac and cheese and frozen biscuits as meals. Although, midnight cereal snacking is still a thing.

I buy the good toilet paper.

We no longer have roommates, just one playful boy kitty and one disgruntled, crotchety lady kitty.

My wardrobe has expanded to include dresses, skirts, and bottoms that aren’t jeans. Although, I’m still a fan of sweatpants when comfiness is needed.

I cook myself food almost every day, and frozen food doesn’t taste the same.

The only fast food we eat on the regular is Chipotle. I don’t see any reason to give that up!

Pajama time on the weekend is 9 PM on a late night.

I should probably also make a list of things that are the same, such as: I still can’t afford to buy that closet that Cher has in Clueless with an endless combination of outfits.

How much has changed since you first moved out?

3 thoughts on “Things That Are Different at 28 Than When I First Moved Out

  1. preach.

    i'm turning 40 and things are WAY different from when I was in my 20s – negative bitches? bye felicia. job that i hate? nope, don't have time for that. labels all the live long day? nope, I'd rather spend my money on vacations. eating all the crappy food just because it's cheaper? Hells no; i'm halfway to death; ain't nobody got time fo' dat!!


  2. Girl, you keep doing you. Screw all the other crap! I feel like I've changed so much from my early twenty's to where I am now and I am totally okay with it! xo


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