Wednesday Confessions

It’s Wednesday, and the good news is that I actually have the day off AND Kathy and Nadine brought back Confessions.

More Coffee Less Talky

Last month, I got really mad at my coworkers for leaving the desk a mess, so I passive aggressively dumped out all the paper clips in our tray into the bottom of the drawer.

Speaking of mess, I get stressed out if there’s a ton of work waiting at my desk and mess everywhere when I come in, which is basically every day. I like everything organized. Did I mention next week is my last week at my job?

When I told my boss when my last day was and he asked if anyone had the week after that off, my immediate thought was “I don’t care.” It’s a two weeks notice, not a vacation.

I am painfully nice, and even when I think I am being a bitch, people apparently have no idea. I was once told that I look like Taylor Swift. I look nothing like Taylor Swift, clearly, since I’m not an 8 ft tall blonde fashionably-dressed singer, but I think I may look like a deer that could never ever be mad at anyone. They just have no idea the rage inside.

I’m watching Friends and it’s from a new perspective than when it was actually on. I’m now the age of the friends. My mind is blown. Phoebe and Chandler are my favorites. I feel the real life adult struggles of their lives, now.

Sometimes when people do things at work, I redo it after they leave. It’s not that I don’t like them; it’s that I don’t trust that they did it right.

I don’t go to Starbucks. Or drink coffee. So, this whole coffee cup freakout completely misses me. I don’t even drink those fun lattes everyone posts pictures of. How about some chocolate almond milk?

Speaking of coffee, I found out the schedule for my training next month starts at 6 AM. On the bright side, we should get out early. On the other hand, where’s that coffee I was talking about?

What are you confessing today?

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Confessions

  1. At my old job, people would just pile stuff anywhere on my desk and it used to infuriate me. I would come in and there would be 5 files on my desk, some more files and notes in my chair and just a mess and I would be like…..I clean my desk off every day for a reason people!!! Ugh!

    Cupgate is ridiculous. Who cares? Just give me my latte!


  2. lol i don't drink coffee either, though i do like a hot chocolate sometimes.. if it wasn't for blogland though, i would have no idea people were freaking out about the cups. seriously?!
    it freaks me out that i am now the age of the characters in friends. crazy!


  3. Oh that is scary to watch Friends and they are around the same age, I must try it šŸ™‚ I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but will have fancy drinks out now and then. I however am not a Starbucks fan, I prefer a local spot if I'm going to get coffee out.


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