Weekending: Traveling Edition

This is definitely a weird weekend. Not that anything totally unbelievable happened, but I am so out of my routine.

I am on a month and a half trip for training for my part time job, which I will say most of the time takes one weekend a month. This trip is a bit long, but I have a break during Christmas and New Year’s.

The hotel is super glamorous, if you are into sinks in your bedroom, no A/C (I’m in Mississippi; it’s about 70 degrees F and hotter in my room), and trains driving by all night every couple hours, within a half a mile from the door. And cooking? Who needs to cook, when you’re equipped with a microwave? I’m homesick, guys. But I’ll be alright.

I did carry my complaining butt to the gym every day this weekend, since we had a three day weekend and not many plans.

The gym was brand new and nice (same gym I go to in Delaware, different location), although no one was there most of the time. Mississippi is not into early weekend workouts, or the gym isn’t that popular yet, maybe. On the bright side, I didn’t have to feel weird about doing squats in the mirror.

The beach looks pretty; I only stopped to take a pic and didn’t get out, because there are mainly casinos along the coast. I heard a bunch of fireworks the other night, though, so somebody was getting their party on.

I went shopping at Target and tried on a few things. I found a cute pair of high waisted green pants and an asymmetrical sweater, but ended up only getting a long black cami to wear with leggings and a workout top that was on clearance (see pink top above).

 I accidentally left my flats at home, so I had to wear flip flops in December, but it seems to be totally normal here!

I’ve been watching a lot of Friends. I’m starting season 5, now. Phoebe had a super cute pug puppy in an episode last season, and I wanted to steal it.

I also took myself out to see The Night Before and I enjoyed it very much. I definitely recommend it. It was funny and dirty, but also kind of sweet. I started to tear up, because it made me miss my husband, but that would probably not be the normal response haha.

How was your weekend? I’m going to eat more double stuff Oreo’s, because there’s no one here to stop me.

I’m linking up with Biana at B Loved Boston for Weekending.

8 thoughts on “Weekending: Traveling Edition

  1. aw, for being homesick 😦 no fun. glad to hear that movie was good. i'll have to check it out. i wasn't sure. hoping you'll have a wonderful weekend. hurry, friday!


  2. That beach looks nice, and I wish it was warm enough here to wear flip flops! I just finished Friends last month and I was so sad to be done. I might just have to start it from the beginning again 🙂


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