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Moving + Baby Update

Things are a little crazy around our house but maybe I can share a quick update, and spam everyone with baby pictures. We decided to move – we are going to be moving from Delaware to South Carolina!

We had planned for Ellie and I to go there anyway, while Greg was in training, but since we are still waiting on news on that, we are all going down to my mom’s house. Our apartment is getting too crowded and we both need a break from the schedule we were following. If we hear back that Greg’s application went through, he’ll go to military training, and if not we will probably stay in SC and look for a place down there. Either way, we will be moving this weekend!

Ellie has been up to so much, lately. I can’t believe how much she changes so quickly.

She loves taking selfies with me.

She can stand pretty well on her own, with a little help for balance!
She can rotate 360 degrees on her play mat and tries really hard to crawl. Babyproofing will be needed as soon as we move!
Sometimes Google Photos makes gifs for me. She’s trying to crawl!
The Exersaucer is her favorite thing. She will jump around and babble all day in it.
She loves her Sassy zebra and giraffe toys, and Greg loves to stick things on her head.
She also loves to rip out chunks of my hair, so it’s up pretty much all the time.
She does really well sitting up on her own, until she falls over.
She’s more interested in eating her bib and playing with her chair than actually eating her oatmeal cereal.
She loves to smile.
Sometimes she is SUPER happy to see me in the morning.
She saw her first snow storm and was very interested but wasn’t a huge fan. I’m glad we had one big snowfall before we move!
She keeps growing! She’ll be 6 months in 2 weeks, and we just bought 9 month jammies yesterday because she’s too long for her 6 month ones.

Our sleep has improved, although you never know when babies are going to change things up. We may have to work on it again once we move – we’ve been doing some sleep training, which has helped us all get a little more sleep. If only I could sleep train my cat so she would stop clawing the door at 5 am for me to feed her.

12 thoughts on “Moving + Baby Update

  1. I'll admit that I rarely bought K new clothes for the first 2 years of her life and if I did (had to), I went super cheap because they grow so fast! it's still like that now (she's 8) but not as bad; I'll at least get a couple of years out of clothes before I have to get new ones….I can't say the same for shoes though 😦


  2. Hahahaha that hulk mean is TRUTH!!! How exciting that you are moving to SC! You will be living closer to us 🙂 Ellie is such a cutie! We have one of those sit me ups for Zoe too. She loves it some days and other days shes all…I dont think so mom.


  3. Oh wow… good luck with the move. That's exciting!!!
    I always love seeing that sweet face on IG. She's growing SO FAST!!!
    I love when Google Photos does the GIF thing too!


  4. She is soooo adorable! Love seeing all your photos on IG. And here too obviously. 🙂
    I hope the move to SC goes well – So nice that you'll be near family.
    I think putting things on baby's heads is always hilarious. We still do it with Abe.


  5. if you work out how to sleep train your cat let me know 😉 haha. our youngest likes to meow at 3am to wake us up. it doesn't wake me, but it wakes KC who gets really mad and yells which does wake me haha.
    hope the move went well! Ellie is the freaking cutest baby I ever did see. and I am so intrigued by Google Photos making gifs. Maybe I need to use Google Photos.


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