One Week with Penelope

I wanted to check in really quick since things have been such a whirlwind. We have been trying to keep up with Penelope’s feeding, sleeping, and pooping schedule. Now I have a moment while she’s taking a little nap. She will be one week tomorrow; here is what she’s been up to so far. More to come on the labor and delivery later on.

Penelope Willow was born on October 3rd at 1:02 PM, weighing 7 lbs 6 oz, and measuring 20 in long.

We are both crazy about her and so, so happy. It has not been easy so far, but she is the sweetest thing ever and I am so thankful she’s ours. Now I’m off to go do some more boob torture, I mean breastfeeding.

13 thoughts on “One Week with Penelope

  1. She is precious! Love the photo in the blue with the little sleeping smile.
    Dude, The first week of breast-feeding, Holy moly. Until then I thought the description in books of “toe-curling” pain was an exaggeration.


  2. I squealed so loud when I saw her first picture on istagram! She is just precious!! Such a beauty! I am going to need you to get on the birth story ASAP as I am quickly approaching eviction time! Soak up every last minute while she is this tiny! They change so fast. Congrats!!!


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