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Friday Things

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a fantastic, relaxing day but I didn’t have many plans, because literally all I want is a baby. I hoped it would be Muffin’s birthday, but she does not want to come out.

Due Date:
Baby had her due date on the 24th, and she’s still hanging out in the belly and there wasn’t a lot of progress at our most recent check-up. So the latest news is that we have an induction scheduled for Monday. If she doesn’t appear on her own this weekend, our cozy girl is going to hopefully make her appearance then.

I feel like all my pictures are the same thing. Bump photos – it’s weird to think my bump won’t be there anymore. Although some things will be easier – getting out of bed, shaving my legs, getting off the couch like a person instead of a puppy that is too fat to get off its back, etc.

Doctor Who Accessories:
I’ve already bought her a Doctor Who headband, because of course I have. There may be some Doctor Who themed newborn photos ahead. I may be freaking out.
I love getting surprises in the mail, like stuff I signed up for months ago and then forgot about. I signed up for a free baby box from Sam’s Club and it’s pretty cute. It came with this awesome board book.
Greg took me out for birthday night dinner to one of my favorite restaurants, Home Grown Cafe. I got the seitan cobb wrap, which was all kinds of delicious, and it was so nice to get out.

Keep watching Instagram… if anything crazy happens, like having a baby, I will let you know.

12 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. Hehe she's so comfy she doesn't want to come out! šŸ˜› The headband is super cute!! I haven't watched any Dr. Who yet… but I have a feeling I would like it. There's so much though I don't really know where to start. I generally don't like anything from the '70's or '80's – weird, I know… but it makes it hard with stuff like that that's been around for such a long time. Yay for freebies! I noticed that honest has their bundles 40% of for the first month right now! I really like their stuff, but I also do not a have a baby! LOL So, I don't know a ton about their baby stuff. But I know a lot of people swear by the diaper bundles. šŸ™‚ XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


  2. I so can't believe you're STILL pregnant! I'm glad baby is doing well- but it's time to push that little muffin out! Haha! Good luck this weekend or Monday- whenever she decides to make her arrival!
    And Happy belated Birthday!


  3. Happy Birthday! I so thought you were going to have a baby yesterday.
    We have that 100 First Words book. My daughter looooved it and now Abel is getting into it too. I think they like looking at photos of real life things.


  4. Baby freebies for the win!!! It will be so weird to not have a bump anymore but I am going to be so glad when I can move like a normal person again. Getting up out of bed or off the couch or up in general is so ridiculously hard these days. I cant wait to see baby girl!!!! Maybe she will decide to come out on her own šŸ™‚ Enjoy your last weekend as a family of two if not!


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