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The Funnest Firsts

I’m linking up with Helene today to share some firsts; there are so many it was hard to choose!

Helene in Between

I decided to go with some of the funnest firsts I’ve had. I moved from South Carolina to Delaware to be with my then boyfriend, now husband, in 2007. Ever since I moved up, we have been doing crazy stuff together as much as possible, whenever not eating pancakes watching TV on the couch. Under a blanket. In pajamas.
Tough Mudder
He just hit his number 3 on Tough Mudders this year. Here is his very first, when he had no idea what to expect:
Running 12 miles through ice, mud, fire, water, and enormous obstacles? Why not? Giant adult obstacle course, hell yes! Haha I have not done a Tough Mudder yet – 12 miles is pretty extreme, but I have been thinking about it. He loves them.
Meanwhile, I was walking around like an idiot getting one of the worst sunburns of my life, which I was to find out later:
Warrior Dash
Here we are after our first Warrior Dash together. Notice how I managed to get so much muddier higher up than he did.
One of my favorite firsts ever was when we adopted our first kitten, Boba Fett. As Greg says, “She wanted cats, and I didn’t, so we compromised and got cats.”
Which naturally led to our first cat Christmas.
And finally, our first grown-up vacation. To Hogwarts.
Who’s that glowing white nerd with the Butterbeer?? The T-Rex was NOT part of Hogwarts, BTW. Jurassic Park was pretty sweet, but my favorite was Hogwarts. We had SO much fun, and my Harry Potter fangirl heart was loving it. We went during what turned out to be a tropical storm in Florida, but you know what that means? Less crowded rides!! We rode all the rides rain or shine, and it was awesome. The main Harry Potter one is inside the castle, and there is soooo much stuff just to look at before you get to the ride. Now my next dream is to do the Harry Potter studio tour in the UK.

5 thoughts on “The Funnest Firsts

  1. harry potter world! jealous. i want to go, and absolutely want to do the one in the UK too.
    cats! haha. my husband didnt want a cat, and then we got one and then another and he loves them just as much if not more than i do!
    warrior dash – awesome! one day, one day.


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