Punching Cats and Mail Boxes

Time for some weekly confessions:

I pushed my cat off the bed the other morning. To be fair, that was after she jumped on my face. I didn’t actually punch her, but I have before. By ACCIDENT, I’m not a cat-puncher! Sometimes I make erratic movements, unaware that my cats are around. I love them very much, and they seem to have forgiven me, or are otherwise plotting their vengeance.

I will stop for animals on the side of the road. Although, once, I pulled off to help a turtle cross a road, and as soon as I reached to grab it, it snapped, trying to pinch my hand off. Not really a big turtle person.

We watch SNL every weekend, but usually we are too sleepy to finish watching the whole show. We usually hit the lights after the musical guest or weekend update.

How have I not seen Frozen yet?? I feel like everyone has seen it already. So pretty, I need to see this!

Every time I run, I basically assume that every car that passes is going to try to abduct me. I watched a lot of Unsolved Mysteries as a kid. I am usually freaking out until the car passes, thinking, “Is it slowing down?? It’s slowing down! Start punching things to let them know you’re crazy and dangerous!!” And that’s why I punch mail boxes when I run. Just kidding.

This is my husband and I every time he asks where I want to eat dinner. Saw this on Reddit and I can’t agree more.

Also linking up with Shanna for Random Wednesday:

6 thoughts on “Punching Cats and Mail Boxes

  1. I haven't seen Frozen. I want to see it before the New Season of Once Upon a Time though. I'm like that with where to eat too. I can never make up my mind or on what I want. I basically let the other person make the decision because it is just easier. Otherwise an hour later we would still be looking for a place to eat. I'm guilty of stepping on my cat's tails and occasionally paws. But, in my defense they always put them under my feet. I have to be very careful where I step around my house.


  2. lol at all of this! my cats like to sleep between my legs and i move a.lot. so they fly off the bed a lot. but they keep coming back, so whatever! and yes watch frozen! i liked it, but i'm a disney lover. i will say personally, to me, it didn't hold a candle to the old ones 😉 like beauty and the beast!


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