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They Say I’m a Walking Dreamer, Baby (Things I’m Loving)

Fashion: These leggings from White Plum Boutique I bought on sale at They are super soft and I feel so Christmasy.

Also these shoes (with a courtesy cat butt), because they make me feel like a princess, and I love the fact that it’s okay to wear sequins now.

Fitness: Today, the elliptical! I usually do a combination of running and squats/leg workouts, which makes everything below my knee want to fall off. So, today I did a random hill elliptical workout, which was awesome. I love to switch between going backwards and forwards every five minutes. Plus it will give my calves a nice rest.

Handyman: I am so happy Greg is handier than I am. The other day, I went to pull the light jingly jangly thing on the fan to turn the light off, and apparently, my strength was mightier than I realized, because I ripped it straight out of the socket, and was left holding a cord in my hand.

I sent him a picture of the damage and let him know that I Hulk smashed our cord, and he texted back that he would fix it when he got home. Later on that night, he sent me a picture of our new cords! Aren’t they cute? Now his dumb girlfriend can remember which is which, too hahaah. He also texted me while he was working on them that he electrocuted himself twice!! I felt SO bad.

Also, funny story. I texted him saying, “I hope you can fix it so we don’t have to sleep with the lights on.” To which he replied, “You know you can just unscrew the lightbulbs, right?” Oh. Much better than my first option that came to mind, which was smashing them. I do not logic.

Give Back: Lastly, if you go to Chronicle’s website linked below and Pin their image, they will donate a book to a child in need! Why not?

6 thoughts on “They Say I’m a Walking Dreamer, Baby (Things I’m Loving)

  1. Ahhh I love your leggings and your pretty little ballet flats! So cute πŸ™‚ Yay for handmen that are handier than us. It's helpful, tha'ts for sure πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for linking up, girl!



  2. Yep, I always laugh about what the house would look like if I had to do all the handy work. Then I imagine what the house would look like if he were in charge of decorating O.O.


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