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Packing for Iceland: What to Wear on a 9-Day Trip

I’m in the midst of working on moving posts over, so you may notice weird things, please ignore them, thanks!

The months are sneaking by, and suddenly we are one month away from vacation! Greg and I have planned a trip to Iceland this year. I use the word planned very roughly, because I have about a thousand things to do before I can say everything is planned. Itineraries, people. It is my first time making one for real.

Naturally, what I was worried about is what I would wear in Iceland. Thankfully, I think I have a basic idea now. There may be some more things coming along, and maybe I will do an update before I leave if there are. Here is my plan for now.
This is a summer wardrobe plan; if you were going in winter, you would probably need lots more layers and sweaters.

Tops & Dresses

Swimsuit & Bottoms
Columbia black coat with hood (similar) // Vegan leather jacket (similar)

Shoes & Accessories
Merrell hiking shoes // Steve Madden Troopa boots // Red scarf (similar) // Flannel scarf (similar)

I considered buying some new boots, because mine are several years old and the soles are cracking, but since good quality vegan boots are super expensive, I decided to get mine repaired instead and throw in some Dr. Scholl’s insoles for comfort.

The repair cost is not cheap, but cheaper than a new pair of shoes, and I get to keep my favorite boots. I would hate to get rid of them after taking them everywhere with me for so long. Note: my current boots are NOT vegan, but I bought them before I went vegan and decided that I will use everything I already have.

Most of our hiking will be done wearing the hiking shoes, since they are supposed to be able to dry very quickly if they get wet.

Have you ever been to Iceland? What are your clothes packing essentials?

2 thoughts on “Packing for Iceland: What to Wear on a 9-Day Trip

  1. Iceland would be such an amazing place to visit! I have seen some pictures from trip recaps from others and it looks absolutely gorgeous! I love what you have picked out for your trip!


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