Rage-y Confessions

I probably shouldn’t rant around Christmas time, but let’s be honest and say I’ve had kind of a rough week so far. I’m hoping to turn it around by sharing some confessions.

Here are some of the things that are driving me crazy this week.

1. Construction on the interstate at midnight. 
Usually when I drive home from work around 11:30 PM, the roads are free and I can roam wild like an antelope in a grassy plain, BUT this week there has been construction on the road I take and traffic has been at a complete standstill, making me get home late.

I have no idea what they are doing up there! I would not be surprised to see Godzilla come thundering out of the fog. But it is probably something simple.

2. When people swerve into the left lane and fly around everyone else, despite seeing multiple signs reading “Left 3 lanes closing ahead.”
I kind of want to kill them and their Kia Sorento (no offense to Kia Sorento, it’s an innocent victim here).

3. Slow walkers in the mall.
Get in, do your business, get out. I only went once this week and I hopefully won’t have to go back. There is a mission to accomplish, we don’t have time for your languorous strolling.

4. Stupid people at work.
To be fair, my coworkers are awesome, and I think I work on the best shift. None of them are stupid, but sometimes they do make me lose my mind.

We recently hired this new guy who only works 3 nights a week and this is his second job. Guy cannot remember how anything works, and keeps making mistakes. If he needs a second job, I can’t help but think he should get one that requires less skill.

5. Too much talking.
It’s not obvious when I’m at work, since I enjoy the people at my job and am mostly a very friendly person, but I’m an introvert and sometimes we need quiet time.

Otherwise my brain will stress out, possibly leading to crying and/or a future melt down. So I may want to read a book or something to distract me for a while. It is not an inviting time for people to ask, “What are you reading?” I appreciate the interest, but maybe we could talk later.

What has been driving you crazy this week?

39 thoughts on “Rage-y Confessions

  1. haha slow people at the mall and stupid drivers always drive me crazy!!! I can totally feel you on a lot of these! The mall in general drives me crazy at Christmas! Ugh


  2. Omg! I don't read much anymore but I remember when I did in school people would always ask me “what are you reading?” As I was reading… Whaaaat the heck!? I'm reading bc I don't want to talk… Leave me alone!!!! Sheesh! Same with phones. I'll be on my phone and people will ask me what I'm doing. Just let a girl use her phone in peace! 😛



  3. Yes. Yes. Yes.
    Sometimes you need to vent to just let things out. It's not good to keep them bottled up because then you'll explode.
    I am usually the driver that blocks people that are trying to pass so they can't get passed me or over (if they are trying to pass on the shoulder). Nope you aren't passing because you're an impatient tard. You can wait just like I have to wait. OR if they speed up to pass everyone I won't let them over. #sorrynotsorry
    I cannot do slow walkers. Get the heck out of my way I am on a mission and I know what I want and where it's at and I need you to be gone lol
    And yes sometimes when I'm around people too much I get all kinds of rage-y and have to take a break and retreat.


  4. Haha my pet peeve is when people know the lane ahead is closing, but they still stay in it until the last second to try to get ahead of a few cars. My boyfriend always refuses to let them in, but I guess I'm too nice! We went to Chapters yesterday to pick out some books for our trip and it was so busy. I didn't really mind that because everyone was being pretty courteous except for one guy, who I swear kept finding me and standing right in front of me, blocking the bookshelf. Agggghh I thought I was on candid camera or something ha!


  5. I HATE when people ask what I'm reading. I want to be like 'well I have forgotten, because you interrupted me'. and don't even get me started on the left lane rude people. though that snail gif is hilarious. hope your week ends better lovely!


  6. Oh bummer. Slow walkers are the. worst. This week…. hmm I have been trying to work my 'slated' part-time schedule to no avail. I am happy to put in extra hours and have extra $ … but I also need an hour or two to chill out and blog… so that's been a little rough. Construction is the worst. All of ours happened in the summer (college town) and spilled over into fall (students are back, joy). Some of it is still under construction… oh well. My cat has also had WAYYY too much energy the past few days and will just not. calm. down. After play and dinner she is still restless and making it very difficult to do anything… 😦

    Come enter my giveaway? -Maybe you'll win and that would be something to not rage about. 🙂



    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


  7. My side pain is driving me crazy.
    I am the same way with people that drive up in the lane & sneak in last minute. I usually will pull my car in the middle of the line so people can't drive around me. I'll risk someone hitting my car to stop them 🙂


  8. Slow walkers – terrible! But, you know what's even worse? The ones that are texting or looking at their phone and can't look where they're going, so they get in the way or weave in front or you or run into you….. (yes, this is a total run-on sentence; it just annoys me so much!)


  9. don't even get me started on the stupid people at work. one of them is on my project and it takes everything i have NOT to kill him and sometimes i lose my shit on him because no matter what is going on, no matter how long he's been trying to fix something, HE JUST DOESN'T GET IT.


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