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Honeymoon in Jamaica

Now that I am just dreaming of the next vacation, I thought I would share some honeymoon pictures from Jamaica.

The little crabs were so cute! They would pop in and out of their holes super fast with their stalk eyes. And yes, I still hold my nose underwater! I don’t see how some people open their eyes.

Dat water.

I have no idea what I was doing in the last picture, but it may have had something to do with my delicious drink.

This was beach party night. AKA Greg’s wine night. Our waiter, Kevin, kept pouring and pouring. The food was delicious. I was worried they wouldn’t have any vegetarian food, but there was SO. MUCH. FOOD.

The beautiful Jamaica Pigeon. Our resort had a male and female of these guys wandering all over the place, scaring the SHIT out of us! Want to go for a run on the treadmill? Bet you don’t expect to hear, “BGGAAAWWWK!!!!” right behind you.

Want to take a nap in a hammock? Bet you don’t expect a giant dinosaur-like bird to crash onto the frond-covered roof above you, showering you with dirt and other detritus.

Here she is in action, right above our napping spot.

We did some zip-lining and rode in the scariest van ride ever (Jamaican’s drive crazy), but most of our week was spent lying on the beach reading, drinking, and relaxing. Although, I did feel like I should have posted a sign next to me, saying, “No, I do NOT want a massage!” Seriously, they REALLY wanted to give people massages. Not free massages, though.

As much as I loved Jamaica, I love being home in our own cozy bed and with our loud, cuddly cats.

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