Happy Thanksgiving

Just remember, if you choose to shop on Black Friday, don’t go shopping alone.

This could happen to you, too. Neck hole in the back hole, back in the shoulder hole, arms who knows where. You never know when you may need someone to extract you from a Target dress trap (I was alone this day, BTW; clearly, I needed help).

I am not skilled at putting on clothes, generally. There is still a picture floating around documenting the time that I put my pants on backwards and wondered why they felt weird, while I stood there looking like a mutant who could turn my bottom half the opposite way. Or someone who was born with a butt in their front.

I will be doing all my shopping online this weekend; I’ve worked a Black Friday before, and there is nothing enticing about being on the other side of it for me. Are you doing any shopping this weekend? How do you feel about shopping on Thanksgiving? I think it’s crazy, although some make the argument that employees get paid holiday pay; I still think a lot of people would rather be at home.

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