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Crazy Cat Yawns

Isn’t it weird how cats are really cute before they yawn…

But then something happens mid-yawn that transforms them into face-eating beasts.

They are enjoying the view outside; it’s unusual when they share..usually one will paw the other in the face until the assaultee gets agitated and leaves.

G sent me a text yesterday saying that he went on my Pinterest yesterday looking for gift ideas, but it was full of puppies. “SOOOOOO MANY PUPPIES.” I’m still not seeing the problem with the gift idea.


I downloaded the new Katy Perry CD, Prism, and I love it! I don’t keep up well with new music. I’ve heard of Snoop Lion. And I think Jay Z is still a thing. I do rock out pretty hard to 50 Cent’s ‘Candy Shop’ on my Pandora workout station. Yeh, I know all the words. It’s not a big deal.

But I have a HUGE crush on Katy Perry. Seriously, she’s flawless.

My favorite song so far is ‘Dark Horse.’ It’s an awesome lady power song.

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