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Stitch Fix #2: Maternity

I had great results with my first Stitch Fix, and really wanted to try another round of maternity items. My previous fix, I ended up buying all the items and I still wear most of them frequently. This time, I asked for more nursing-friendly pieces, since we don’t have too far to go till the due date (Sept. 24th) and I want some items I can wear afterward.

I ended up getting some things that may have worked later on, but weren’t working for me and my bump.
Note: I forgot to keep the paper that came with my items and Stitch Fix doesn’t have an option for viewing your order history, so I can’t tell you the actual names or prices of the items! I’d like to blame the pregnancy brain, but honestly I figured there would be a way to go back and check. They were all between $50 – $100 each.
2nd Note: I had to hold my camera at that height.. believe me. I was getting some extreme Star Trek-style lens flares when I held it at the normal height that day.
#1 Set of Cami’s – Returned
These were soft and long, but I didn’t really need any cami’s so I sent them back.

#2 – Blue Maxi Dress – Returned

This was really pretty, but I didn’t think it was that flattering with the bump. Also, a great nursing dress but the over $80 price tag was a bit high for me.

#3 – Patterned Nursing Dress – Returned

This would also be great for nursing, but didn’t fit me well right now, and I wanted something I could wear right away.

#4 – Maxi Skirt – Returned

I’m not a big fan of maxi skirts, and this one wasn’t a good length or fit for the bump.

#5 – Wrap Dress – Returned

I’ll be honest and say I don’t know how to tie a wrap dress. I felt like it could fly open with it only being held together by a piece of string.

Overall, I felt like none of the pieces were very flattering with a bump, although they may fit well later on.

The only one I would have possibly kept was the blue maxi dress, but it would have had to fit perfect for the price.

I didn’t keep any items this time but I will possibly order another Stitch Fix in the future. If you sign up and use my referral link, I get extra credit towards shopping, totally up to you.

Have you tried Stitch Fix? How’s your luck been?

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Stitch Fix #1: Maternity

I recently heard about Stitch Fix offering maternity styles, and after having shopped myself for maternity with no luck finding things that were my style, I decided to give it a try. My only maternity items I’ve purchased on my own have been a couple pairs of shorts, a pair of pants, and some tank tops, so I want to look a little more stylish sometimes!

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix before, they are like a personal stylist. You tell them what styles you like and show them your Pinterest board, if you have one, and they send you five items which you can either keep or return. You pay $20 for the styling fee, which can also go towards any items you decide to keep.

If you decide to try it, this is my referral link; I’ll receive $25 in credit in order to keep my addiction going.

Okay, so on with what items I received! Have you ever received a Fix where you loved all the items and kept them all? No? Just me.

This Fix, I asked for some dresses and skirts and pieces I could mix and match during the summer.

#1 Eight Sixty Gabre Eyelet Maternity Dress – $88.00 – Kept

The things I like about this dress are the fit and the color. It is so easy to wear and long enough that I can bend over without worrying. It has plenty of room for my bump to grow, but I think I could also wear it post-pregnancy. It also has this cute back scoop, which I really enjoy and hope you can see from my goofy picture below.

#2 LA Made Maternity Skirt – $54.00 – Kept

This pencil skirt is made of a soft and stretchy jersey material, which fit what I was asking for in versatile pieces. It has a lot of ruching in the front, which should allow room for the belly to grow. While I’ve never owned a pencil skirt before, I think this navy blue one could go with a lot of tops.

#3 Full Moon Peppy Knit Maternity Top – $44.00 – Kept

This is the top you saw above, and I love that it can be worn with the skirt or on its own. It has cute ruched sides, and I like that it is polka dots and not stripes! As a pregnant lady, I do not always want to be wearing stripes! It is made of a really soft material.

#4 Full Moon Phay Henley Ribbed Maternity Knit Top – $44.00 – Kept

This is the only one I wasn’t crazy about, because while it works great with the skirt, it doesn’t fit well on its own. It’s a little big, and I sent a request to Stitch Fix to see if I could get it in one size down. Besides the size, though, the quality is there and the material feels wonderful, like the others. I also like that it’s a henley top, which I could possibly use during nursing.

#5 Loveappela Carlita Knit Maternity Maxi Dress – $78.00 – Kept

This was probably my favorite of the bunch. I’m a fan of maxi dresses, and it is long and stretchy and actually fit well in the top for now. I’m hoping it will stay that way if my bra size goes back down, but it works great for maternity and nursing in the future. The top actually seems to stay where it is without there being a huge gap.

The good news is I loved almost all of my items and decided to keep them! My favorites are the eyelet dress, the polka dot top, and the maxi dress.

If you buy all five, you receive a 25% discount, so there was only one dollar difference between me buying the three items and buying all five, so a total of $210 vs $211. I’m all about economy. I’ve also seen a lot of mixed reviews from other’s Fixes, so I felt like I should take advantage of my stylist doing well on both my style and what I asked for.

That takes care of my clothes spending for a while, but I haven’t been purchasing a lot since I became pregnant, just a few necessities like shorts and things. My pre-pregnancy dresses don’t fit, because they’re all a bit tight in the ribs. I’m also hoping that a lot of these can carry over into post-pregnancy clothes.

I’m a happy lady with this box. It may be a while before I can order my next, but I look forward to it!