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Friday Favorites – Summertime

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to survive the summer, even though it technically hasn’t started yet, because I am a snow-colored person and in danger of catching fire just stepping outside my door everyday.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend with some welcome company. Obviously, my cats love hanging out together.

Sno cones / water ice
They were always called sno cones when I lived in the South, but in the Northeast, they seem to call it water ice. It’s my favorite summer food, because when it’s hot, I start craving them like crazy. Especially with mixed flavors, like coconut, cherry, and vanilla – SO delicious!!
I went to Target this week and found these sandals buy one get one 1/2 off. The Gladiator sandals are similar to these Madewell sandals I’ve been wanting, but have been too cheap to buy. I hope these will see a lot of time outside this summer.

TV Show:
I started watching Orange is the New Black, and I love this show. I don’t know why I thought I would not be into it, but it is so different than I was expecting. It is not just a comedy; I am all up into this drama.
Workout Find:
My Old Navy capris are my favorite thing to work out in, because they are so tough, they survived the Spartan Race with no rips or tears. They are also stretchy for all the weird squats I do. I have them in black, and recently bought the blue.
I laugh everytime I read this. I can’t stop picturing it.
Linking up with Amanda today for Friday Favorites. Have a fantastic weekend!
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Favorite Things

It’s the end of the weekend!! Sunday gets here so quickly. I hope you all had a productive weekend. Or lazy, whatever makes you happy. I accomplished the goal of cleaning out my closet and donating all the stuff I haven’t worn in a year or two. My other goals were watching movies and vegetating, so DONE!

Here are a few of my favorite things lately:


The remains of my chocolate chip cookie dough. You better believe I licked the spoon. Followed this recipe, switching out the coconut oil for canola oil and apple sauce. Super gooey cookies but super delicious. I’ve made them before using the coconut oil, and the texture was the absolute best cookie texture, but it did give them a little coconut-y flavor.


This is a close follow up:

It usually starts like this:


(credit unknown)


It’s okay to wear Birkenstocks again, and no longer do they only have those clogs I clomped around in when I thought Aeropostale was the height of fashion. Maybe one day I will rationalize spending the money on these Yara sandals.


Because it’s true. So so sorry. I just needed a pretzel in my face.