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5 Things to Do with $100

I was inspired to write this post by Dollar Shave Club. All opinions are mine, and I have received no money or compensation for anything I write.

I literally have shaving irritation from my current razor as I speak, so I am in need of a new razor. Have you guys tried DSC?

They are traditionally for men, but I know lots of ladies are using them, too. For how much I spend on razor blade refills, it’s a good deal. They start at $1 a month and go up to $9 a month. According to them, they can save you $100 by switching to DSC.

Which brings me to my next point… what I would do with 100 extra bucks..

I may have already done some of these things, because I don’t seem to have any extra 100 bucks laying around.

#1 – Rent a Kayak
Kayak rentals are usually cheap, or you can team up and rent one canoe instead. For ultimate laziness, you can do what we did and take a tube, which requires virtually no arm use. Any way you choose, floating down a river is a fun place to be.

#2 – Buy the Harry Potter Box Set
Rereading Harry Potter would be fantastic out of this set. I have never given in and bought a new one (my old set is irretrievable). It even comes in a little trunk. Our apartment is tiny, but I could make room.

#3 – Splurge on a New Pair of Shoes
I am liking this pair of J. Crew Factory Marley ballet flats, because I could always use more variety of flats for work.

#4 – Go Ziplining
I’ve only done this once, and while I was terrified at first (then during…and peed myself after.. JK), it was a lot of fun. I think they have this anywhere there are trees?? We have a company called Go Ape close to us, but we haven’t tried that one yet.
#5 – Go See a Football Game
If you are like me, and often prefer to watch people do crazy shit, you could go see a game. Football and hockey are my favorite to see live. And you know football season is about to get CRAZY (LET’S GO, GAMECOCKS!!).
Despite living near Philly, the only games I keep up with are my Cocks!! I wish I could make it to a game, maybe one year. I would go to see almost any team, though. I love hanging out in a tiny seat eating fries (CRAB FRIES, please!), watching the other fans, & yelling incoherently.
What can you do with $100?
Have you tried Dollar Shave Club?
What is your go to snack for live games?