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House Tour: Living Room

My husband and I live in what is basically a two-room apartment. You may be accustomed to roaming such open spaces as two BEDROOM apartments, but ours is basically two rooms.

I will pretend that our kitchen is not basically the same room as our living room, so that will not be included.

Living in a small apartment space has its’ ups and downs. We have grown to love it, and it’s simple and easy to take care of for two people.

This is our living space, where we hang out most of the time. We still have sort of a collected-along-the-way group of furniture, but we bought our first very own couch last year, after our old hand-me-down one had seen some better days.

My ultimate style for my dream house would be cozy/comfortable. I like rooms where you can stretch out with a book surrounded by windows and pillows. And when it’s cold, bundle up with blankets and pajamas.
Boba and Luna tend to face off sometimes They have a love/hate relationship. They’re not actually brother and sister, but they were raised together since they were a few months old.
If you are here for cuddles, Luna is all about them.
Greg complains that we have too many pillows. I stand by that we have just enough.

Our TV stand should get upgraded at some point in the future, but we have zero plans so far. This is a stand we got for our very first apartment; it was super cheap, but it’s stood the test of time so far.

This is a side table that we built ourselves. Not the sturdiest of furniture, but enough to hold our books, laptop, sketchbook, and tablets, so that they are not cluttering up the coffee table.
Also, notice how all the remotes are on the shelf. They will probably not stay there. My husband has a tendency of remote-walking, where he moves around a lot while he watches TV, and takes the remote wherever he goes.
I have a small vegan recipe book collection.
TARDIS painting made by yours truly. We are big Whovians in this household.

Boba hanging out.

Our bookshelf – mostly, we only hold onto the ones we really like.

Mine, although we are both Harry Potter fans…

His… He’s into non-fiction war books; it’s not my kind of genre.

If my husband sits in this chair, a cat will most likely claim his lap.

Photos from our honeymoon.

Luna in her favorite spot.

That’s our living space! Sometimes I wish it were bigger, but most of the time I really enjoy having a small space that is easy to organize and prevents us from gathering too many things we don’t need.

What’s your ideal size space in which to live?
What’s your style of dream house?

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Weekend Recap

How is the weekend over and it is back to reality already? Do we really have to go back? Maybe I feel even more surprised, because I didn’t do anything crazy this weekend and yet I’m totally exhausted.

Tunic top: Nordstrom // Kimono: Nordstrom (similar) // Shorts: Gap (old: similar) // Purse: Francesca’s (similar) // Bracelet: J. Crew Factory (similar)

I can’t show you my shoes, because I grew tentacle legs. Not really, but I have to admit that there were no good full length photos. BUT, I ordered an inexpensive tripod from Amazon to practice with since it will give Greg a break from always taking pictures. Bonus, they gave me another free trial of Amazon Prime!

We did a little house upgrading this weekend. I moved in with Greg over 3 years ago, so a lot of our stuff hasn’t been changed since, like towels, bath mat, etc. We went to Ikea and bought some new kitchen bits, like a dish strainer, because our old wood one was growing mold.

We also bought a few new towels from Target, and they were out of the normal size in the pale pink I wanted, so we got a BATH SHEET.

It’s not a towel. It’s like a freaking towel blanket. I’m just gonna go wrap myself in it and not come out for a while. It’s clearly made for a 6’8″ football player who enjoys pastels, but I can accept that.

Tonight, we made some vegan BBG chickpea burger wraps and fries, with vegan ranch. It may look weird, but I promise it’s all delicious!

Lastly, I bought the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade from Sephora today. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve heard Anastasia is great for brows.

Does anyone use this brand? I bought it in ‘soft brown.’. I’ve been using the E.L.F. brow set, but the powder crumbled all over into the gel part and is almost gone. I’ll try this and update with how it works.

This girl was snuggling us all night. She looooves to be cuddled underneath a blanket like a cat burrito.

How was your weekend?
How often do you replace your bath towels, bath mats, etc?
Do you ever get excited over buying house stuff??