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Friday Favorites – Fashion & Food

It’s time again for my favorites this week. I’m working all weekend, so I’m going to fuel myself up aka stuff my face with Chipotle tomorrow to hopefully get me through.

Favorite Fashion:

Jean Jacket: AE Outfitters (~3 years old – current version) // Top: Lucy and Lyla via Groopdealz // Jeggings: Uniqlo // Booties: Target (similar) // Belt: Target (similar)

I got this colorful top in from my Groopdealz order and it’s awesome. Not that soft on the inside, because it has an extra layer/liner, but the material didn’t bother me all day. I don’t think the top is on Groopdealz anymore, but you can still get it at Lucy and Lyla.

Favorite Bag:

I’m not usually a fan of Betsey Johnson or over the top accessories, but the bow + leopard print is adorable.

Favorite Food:

We made these cookies last weekend, but you are just going to have to believe us, because we ate them all before I could take any pictures. Don’t be scared away by the vegan part – my husband is not vegan and still devoured them.

Crispy on the edges and chewy in the middle…perfect!!

Favorite Moment:

Probably when my cat got his head stuck in the handle of the brown paper recycle bag and ran around like an idiot until the handle ripped off. And he also sat contentedly on the package from my new top.

Favorite Funnies:
Hahahaha..Love whoever this Nevada person is.

Winter is coming.

Me when I’m doing something not quite right, but can’t figure out what it is:

Have a great weekend! Link up with Amanda at Meet @ the Barre for Friday Favorites.

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Top 5 Fall Essentials

It’s finally cooling down after our mini heat wave last week. Temperatures are in the 70’s and 80’s here in Delaware, it’s fantastic.

I had to work all weekend, and it was fairly stressful, so I’d like to relax this week.

Greg’s been busy tormenting one of our cats, Luna, by layering her with Tough Mudder headbands:

Now that it’s September, I’m getting closer to being able to wear fall clothes again. I found out about Raise, which is a cool idea, if you are planning on doing some shopping. Basically, it allows you to buy gift cards for places you already shop at a discounted price and sell unwanted gift cards for cash. They also have restaurant and food gift cards – I need a Red Robin one! It was my favorite pre-vegan days place & I still love it.

Top 5 Fall Essentials
1. I can’t wait to try these out. I bought them when they were on sale at Nordstrom’s, but it’s been too warm to wear them this summer. You can bet I’m going to be trying to pass these off as pants all fall and winter.

Does anyone know why these are reversible if they are the same color inside??

2. I’d like a nice deep color to wear on my nails, like this dark blue red.

3. Bows and bows. Put a bow on the back and I’m in.

4. I like to pretend I’m wearing pants, while I’m cheating and actually wearing leggings. It was my first time wearing jeggings today. I feel like I could fight crime.

5. Booties, booties, booties everywhere. I love how booties give me a little heel without making me think I’m going to lose control of my feet like an unbalanced panda.

What are your fall essentials?
Do you make your pets wear clothes/objects??

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Sunday Thoughts

Three day weekends are the best – it feels weird (actually, fabulous) not to have to work on Monday.

My favorite fashion find this week is this inexpensive dress from Forever 21. I accidentally left the $12.80 tag on it for a good couple hours while I was out, but who cares…share the sale.

I admit most of my day revolves around food. Mostly the eating, not so much the cooking. If you need someone to eat your food, please invite me. I don’t mean to brag, but I can consume plenty of food.

Greg and I pooled our powers together (okay, mostly his) to cook our favorite tofu recipe, General Tso’s Tofu. I could eat endless bowls – SO GOOD. Homemade General Tso’s sauce is crazy delicious. And I like my tofu best fried in yummy oil.

We were planning to visit Washington, D.C. this weekend.

We set the alarm.

We turned the alarm off.

And slept till 10:30 AM.

It was fantastic… I lie in bed thinking, “Put clothes on or sleep?” Ummmmm, we doesn’t need clothes, hobbitses.

We went to see Let’s Be Cops, and I was prepared for it to be a disaster, but it was hilarious. It doesn’t beat The Other Guys or 21 Jump Street for me, but I enjoyed it. You should probably just watch all of those, because they’re all great buddy comedies.

How is/was your weekend?
Have you seen any good movies, lately?

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Fall Fashion Wishlist

When does fall start? I have been looking for a few new things to wear to work, but no luck. Maybe fall fashion sales are not in full swing yet. It’s still summer clothes time for now.

Jean jacket: American Eagle (similar) // Shirt: Old Navy // Shorts: Old Navy // Wedges: Tom’s

I can find a billion dresses I would like to wear, but dressing for work is harder. I don’t wear dresses to work, because mostly everyone wears jeans/pants etc.

Not that I’m complaining about being able to wear jeans to work, but I’d like to wear something different every now and then.

Any good Labor Day sales coming up??

Kristen’s recent post about boots made me start thinking about what I’d like to find this fall.

Fall Fashion Wishlist:
Distressed denim with just the right amount of rips.
A cute peplum top.
Rain boots – I actually need these for all seasons.
Tights for layering + cute boots. Last time I wore pantyhose (real life pantyhose, not tights), I Hulk-ripped them. I would like to find some that do not squeeze me in an iron grasp, but don’t know if it’s possible.
Colorful separates. One thing I am not ready for is the shades of autumn – is it okay to keep wearing bright colors during the fall? I think so.

What is on your wishlist?
Do you need anything for your fall wardrobe?

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Weekend Recap

How is the weekend over and it is back to reality already? Do we really have to go back? Maybe I feel even more surprised, because I didn’t do anything crazy this weekend and yet I’m totally exhausted.

Tunic top: Nordstrom // Kimono: Nordstrom (similar) // Shorts: Gap (old: similar) // Purse: Francesca’s (similar) // Bracelet: J. Crew Factory (similar)

I can’t show you my shoes, because I grew tentacle legs. Not really, but I have to admit that there were no good full length photos. BUT, I ordered an inexpensive tripod from Amazon to practice with since it will give Greg a break from always taking pictures. Bonus, they gave me another free trial of Amazon Prime!

We did a little house upgrading this weekend. I moved in with Greg over 3 years ago, so a lot of our stuff hasn’t been changed since, like towels, bath mat, etc. We went to Ikea and bought some new kitchen bits, like a dish strainer, because our old wood one was growing mold.

We also bought a few new towels from Target, and they were out of the normal size in the pale pink I wanted, so we got a BATH SHEET.

It’s not a towel. It’s like a freaking towel blanket. I’m just gonna go wrap myself in it and not come out for a while. It’s clearly made for a 6’8″ football player who enjoys pastels, but I can accept that.

Tonight, we made some vegan BBG chickpea burger wraps and fries, with vegan ranch. It may look weird, but I promise it’s all delicious!

Lastly, I bought the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade from Sephora today. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve heard Anastasia is great for brows.

Does anyone use this brand? I bought it in ‘soft brown.’. I’ve been using the E.L.F. brow set, but the powder crumbled all over into the gel part and is almost gone. I’ll try this and update with how it works.

This girl was snuggling us all night. She looooves to be cuddled underneath a blanket like a cat burrito.

How was your weekend?
How often do you replace your bath towels, bath mats, etc?
Do you ever get excited over buying house stuff??

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Favorites: It Says Pie

I am SO excited it’s Friday!!!! I have had multiple days this week where I laid in bed wishing I could nap all day.

I also just removed two bugs from our house after the cats chased them around without actually planning on eating them. They are like having a bug alarm system in the house. “BUG! THERE’S A BUG! HUMAN, WE HAVE NOTICED A CREATURE!” Today, Boba got a spider stuck to his paw by the thread, so when I picked Boba up, the spider came swinging at me. Summer is bug nightmares for me.

Anyway, I am ready for a break, and during the weekend, hopefully Greg can rescue me from the bugs. Here are a few of my favorites this week.

Favorite Picture:
Trying to get a cute picture with my cat, but all he can do is bite my head.

Favorite Food:
Trader Joe’s thai lime and chili cashews are spicy and like crack. My mouth waters thinking about a salty, spicy, delicious snack. They are also really good for road trips.

Favorite Read:
We rewatched Divergent while we were down South, and it made me want to reread the book. I did, and now I’m finally reading the second book, which I have NOT read before. This series is fascinating and I love the characters. I’m worried about the ending – I’ve heard just a few things and it seems like it’s going to be sad. I don’t know – don’t tell me, but I hope it’s good!

Favorite Purchase:
I almost never drop a lot of money on jeans, but during the Nordstrom anniversary sale, I tried on these J Brand dark plum skinny jeans, and they were like little fluffy kittens wrapped around my legs AND almost half off. Sooo, they came home with me. So far, I love them and they are the softest jeans I’ve ever owned. The woman at the register told me that washing your jeans inside out actually helps them last longer.

Also, while I was trying them on, the little alarm on the pant leg started beeping like crazy, so I figured I’d better buy them so they don’t think I’m a pant thief who is really bad at stealing pants.

Favorite Funny:
I share Dean’s love for pie.

Have a great weekend!! Linking up with Amanda at Meet @ the Barre for Friday Favorites.


I Am Groot

Happy Monday! I worked my other job all weekend (Air National Guaaard), and my schedule is all whacked right now. My day job is evening shift, aka NO alarm clock, so on the weekends that I have to wake up at 5:15 AM, I could pretty much sleep all day the rest of the week.

Top: Target (similar) // Sweater: Target (similar) // Jeans: Old Navy // Booties: Target (similar)

I got these booties at least a year ago and never quite found anything to wear with them.

Then I suddenly remembered I had them today. It’s an awesome feeling when you find something in the back of your closet, after you pull the cat hair off of them.

Greg and I both had to work all weekend, and last night we treated ourselves to (DEELICIOUS) dinner and movie. We went to one of my favorite restaurants, where I love to have a glass of wine and get slightly toasted. JK, one glass and I am walking like I’m on a tightrope and trying to keep myself together enough to conversate without falling off the chair.

Then, we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy, which was freakin’ awesome!! Highly, highly recommend you go see it. It cracked me up.

I already knew Chris Pratt was hilarious from Parks and Rec, but the surprise for me was Dave Bautista. Nailed it and was SO funny.

I can’t even tell you enough, it was a fun movie and you should definitely see it!

Any other movies in theater worth seeing right now?