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One More Episode

This week’s Hump Day is even better than usual, because my work week ends on Thursday. So far, I have zero plans for the Fourth, except I want to see some freakin’ fireworks! Time to get into some confessions…

I realized my Game of Thrones episodes were leaving OnDemand on 7/1, so I finished watching the last 6 episodes of season 4 within 24 hours. It was a great night / morning.

Speaking of HBO, my efforts turned out to be needless, anyway, because I caved and subscribed. I mean, HBO Go is too hard to resist, and the talk about True Blood lately has me wanting to go back and rewatch so I can catch up. Even though I know I’m gonna be over the crazy fairy stuff, don’t care. The other parts of the show are worth it. Just kidding, I like Sookie, even when Bill says, “SOOKEH.”

Remember the lovely peplum tops I posted about from J. Crew Factory? I bought three, because they were having a huge sale, and I sent them all back today. They were WAY too big. It looked like I was wearing a bag – has anyone else had this problem with J. Crew Factory sizes?

Have you ever seen this movie? Don’t watch it. Greg had to change the channel because I was crying too much to eat my bean burger. The crying where your face is all squished and sad and your throat closes up and there’s a lot of snot involved. This is a Disney movie??? Do they want the children to be sad?? It probably had a happy ending, but I was not prepared for this treachery, Disney.

On the bright side, something you should watch is Transformers: Age of Extinction. It was by far the best Transformers movie I’ve seen. This one was actually funny, and I recognized the actress as the girl from Bates Motel. It’s awesome if you want to see Mark Wahlberg do Mark Wahlberg things.

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Robot Dinosaurs and Peplum Tops

Here we go, it’s time to confess some things I’ve pretended not to do but definitely, for sure did:

SLEEP: My weekend did not get a post this week, because all I did was work and fall asleep at 8:30 PM on a Saturday night. Three hours of sleep and I’m out, daylight or no daylight. I was falling asleep watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (don’t worry, we finished it later and it was adorable), and Greg told me it was bedtime and dragged my butt to bed.

SHOPPING: As soon as I saw that J Crew Factory was having an extra 40% off clearance sale, it was like I blacked out and woke up with an order confirmation in my inbox. But I found this lovely peplum top, plus about seven other things.

FOOD: I usually eat heart-healthy Honey Nut Cheerios or Trader Joe’s organic cereal when I come home at night, but for the past week, I’ve been eating Lucky Charms, and have enjoyed every minute of it.

BUNNY WATCHING: I was sitting in my car outside work the other night, and an adorable bunny rabbit sat right outside my door. I tried to take a picture, and of course it ran away. Bunny picture taking fail. We met but once, bunny, but I will not forget you, may we meet again.

MOVIES: There are a ton of movies coming out or already out that I want to see this summer, and I even want to see Transformers: Age of Extinction. I am not a fan of any of the previous movies, but for some reason I have hope in this one. I think Marky Mark can make anything better.

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Clean ALL The Things

I have been waiting to get some things off my chest, so let’s get into some Humpday Confessions…

I like most of my coworkers, but some of them drive me crazy. I work evening shift, so I have to wait for the day shift to leave before I can take over our desk, and they left late today. I was already feeling inexplicably angry because my hormones do what they want, but then when I get to my desk, there are pen marks all over it. I want to ask this guy, “You are a full grown adult, how the hell do you write all over the desk every day????” I always have wet wipes at work so I can wipe their mess down.

I am not that much of a neat freak at home, but at work, I keep it as clean as possible. I hate when other people leave a mess behind, or leave everything disorganized. I like my work shit to be organized!! It would be nice if they could please not leave behind a trail of destruction…

Speaking of hormones, we watched Les Miserables over the weekend, and during the movie I was fine, but after it ended and Greg left the room..

So after bawling for 10 seconds, I was fine again. Thank you, body.

Les Miserables was good, but not my favorite kind of movie. There was a LOT of singing. I know, it’s a musical, and I like some musicals. But I really can’t run around my house singing Les Miserables songs without sounding a little ominous. Not like that time we watched Footloose. Yep, you can bet my husband had to deal with a lot of singing after that one.

I suck at saving money this month. After some unexpected expenses, I am in need of saving! But I am also in need of checking Forever 21’s new arrival page daily.

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Humpday Confessions

Happy Humpday confessions day! Let’s get down to it…

Sometimes I eat Chipotle twice in one week. It’s my vegan paradise, with extra guacamole.

I finally watched Frozen, and I love singing Let It Go. There was a little girl at the Spartan Race singing it Sunday, and I wanted to join in, but probably would have been weird.

I got stuck in traffic today, but it was kinda my fault. My husband texted me earlier in the day to let me know that I would have to take a different way to work, because they closed down part of the interstate I take due to the bridge not passing inspection and having the possibility of collapsing. Seems like something I would remember, right? Nope. Got stuck in the detour traffic and was late to work. Why can’t I remember things??

Bought this shit. Ate this shit. It’s delicious. I love guacamole and hummus, and together they make super delicious food.

I still check the backseat of my car when I get into it after leaving work at night. Because there could be a lurker. Or a panther.

I like to pee alone, and I judge public places based on their bathrooms. Are they clean? Is there music playing in the background? Why don’t all places play music in their bathrooms? No one really wants to listen to other people pee and fart that much. The more private the bathroom, the better. Props to those places with big stalls with doors that reach almost to the floor. That is one classy bathroom.

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Humpday Confessions

I am taking a break from watching Game of Thrones for about 5 seconds (so amazing), so let’s get straight into my weekly confessions…

I have never eaten a whole pizza. I feel like the confession should be the other way around, but most people I talk to seem to have eaten a whole pizza at some point in their lives. Did I miss this mile marker?

I am still haunted by the most embarrassing moment of my life. It occurred on a sunny day back in elementary school. My teacher had a poem on the projector which we were supposed to be copying. My desk happened to be next to the projector. With no warning whatsoever, a horrific sneeze came out of me, and which way did I turn? Towards the projector. Boogers. All up on the board. My teacher said, “It happens to everyone.” Even then, I knew she was making it up.

My coworker makes me want to snap everytime she tells someone how good she is at something. My boss was once talking to her about how he walks on the treadmill sometimes, and she said that she likes to go on the treadmill for an hour and then the elliptical for an hour. That would be a workout obsession, and ain’t nobody got time for that. And I don’t believe a word she says.

Every time I see a pop tart, my mouth waters a little bit. Completely unsatisfying as a food, but it has crunchy icing and rainbow sprinkles.

How do people on TV always have so much time for hanging out with so many friends? I barely have time to eat my oatmeal while lying on the couch watching Game of Thrones, followed by a quick drool-filled nap, as it is.

My pet peeve is people who have to tell you how great they are. If they were that great, they wouldn’t have to try to convince everyone. Oh, you want to tell me how your life choices are better than everyone else’s?

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Punching Cats and Mail Boxes

Time for some weekly confessions:

I pushed my cat off the bed the other morning. To be fair, that was after she jumped on my face. I didn’t actually punch her, but I have before. By ACCIDENT, I’m not a cat-puncher! Sometimes I make erratic movements, unaware that my cats are around. I love them very much, and they seem to have forgiven me, or are otherwise plotting their vengeance.

I will stop for animals on the side of the road. Although, once, I pulled off to help a turtle cross a road, and as soon as I reached to grab it, it snapped, trying to pinch my hand off. Not really a big turtle person.

We watch SNL every weekend, but usually we are too sleepy to finish watching the whole show. We usually hit the lights after the musical guest or weekend update.

How have I not seen Frozen yet?? I feel like everyone has seen it already. So pretty, I need to see this!

Every time I run, I basically assume that every car that passes is going to try to abduct me. I watched a lot of Unsolved Mysteries as a kid. I am usually freaking out until the car passes, thinking, “Is it slowing down?? It’s slowing down! Start punching things to let them know you’re crazy and dangerous!!” And that’s why I punch mail boxes when I run. Just kidding.

This is my husband and I every time he asks where I want to eat dinner. Saw this on Reddit and I can’t agree more.

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Humpday Confessions

Time for some confessions…

1. I am addicted to pug pictures. I have so many puppy pictures saved to my phone. I just want to cuddle them all. This Buzzfeed post really isn’t fair.

2. Likewise with cat pictures. I’m looking at you, Buzzfeed. I can’t even read that post without crying a little bit.
3. Once, I wrecked my car while I was eating a salad. College was a hard time. I smashed the car into the back of a semi-truck stopped at a traffic light. It was also french dressing, so it looked like an army of vicious squirrels had recently battled in my car. Red all over. Now, if I eat in my car I stick to more practical foods.
4. Last night I dreamt about pizza. Don’t hate.
5. I recently became vegan, hence the pizza dreams. So far, it’s not bad, except when I have PMS and my crazy body is craving cheese!!!
6. Sometimes I wake up, get out of bed, eat oatmeal, then fall asleep again on the couch. I work evenings, so it’s not uncommon. I just really, really love naps.
7. My coworker was telling me the other day that girls are always hungry and cold, which I agree with. It also made me realize that girls are like polar bears.


I confess that:

I don’t know if it’s my medicine which makes me love naps now, or if I’m just getting old. I used to think naps were just for old people; now I can’t get enough!!

 I eat the same thing for breakfast every day during the week. It’s delicious.
I have about 6 pages on Safari on my phone that I refuse to close. They are all puppy pictures. One of them is:
 I have had this unfortunate Usher song stuck in my head for days. DAYS. I really need help. It plays on my Pandora workout station every time I run, and the lyrics are terrible. I think it’s called ‘Scream.’ Second Usher confession: I always call him Ursher, always.

Sometimes I dress my cat up like a hot dog.

That’s all the confessions for now. Tomorrow is Cici’s day with the boyfriend. If you’re unfamiliar with Cici’s, it’s basically pizza heaven for those who love options. And dessert pizza. I love both.