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Half Pants & Favorites

I haven’t stopped in for blogging a lot this week, because work has been crazy hectic!! This was our fabulous Peak Week, in which I worked on Saturday and came in early almost everyday. And it’s not even over yet. I work this weekend at my other job – I’ve mentioned before that Greg and I are both in the Air National Guard. Prepared to be pooped.

As in, I texted Greg a picture of myself with half-pants on, saying, “I haven’t even completely put on pants yet.” TMI, don’t care.. sometimes the effort of putting on pants is just exhausting and you have to lay down for a bit.

Favorite Dog:

Because it’s freakin’ adorable, and I want a little French Bulldog to play outside with. Does anyone have a puppy? I will babysit it for free.

Favorite Photo:

My lovely girl, Luna. It also reminds me of how hilarious she looks from underneath the glass table.

Favorite Fashion:
Summer sales…everywhere!! I have some Old Navy cash to spend – $10 off $25, which is a pretty sweet deal.

Francesca’s is having a BOGO 1/2 off clothing sale + a Summer sale.

I have seen a lot of ladies wearing midi skirts, lately, and they look so stylish and feminine.

Asos has a huge selection, like this one seen above.

Favorite Funnies:

You know, just being cute with your significant other…

This is why we have to keep the treats in the kitchen cabinet now. We came home one day to find her like this, but with treats.. Treats everywhere, and a very fat cat.

More adorable than funny, but have you ever seen a baby camel?

I’m linking up with Amanda today from Meet @ the Barre. Have a fantastic weekend – I’ll see you all next week!

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Favorites – Stalker Cats

I am so happy..because it’s finally Friday!! Work yesterday was crazy..I’m already dealing with PMS, so my brain was not ready for the ridiculous amount of stuff to get done. Friday will help me de-clutter my brain and hopefully relax! I love sharing some of my favorites…

Cat Pics:
Have you ever felt…watched.. while you were doing the dishes?

It’s a fun game we play, where she pretends to be super creepy and stalk me while I do dishes…. I hope it’s a game.

Then my boy thinks he can just jump in the sink and “MROWW” at me to play with him. Because obviously, the sink was in the way of playing.

Today is burrito bowl day. One of my favorite times of the day is the time I get to down a bowl full of rice and guacamole.


This was taken at the very last obstacle of our Spartan Race. Greg looks like a freakin’ ninja, haha. I am thinking, “WOO! I didn’t break anything!!”


I want to take a little piggy home! So adorable. If you want to be overwhelmed with cuteness, here are some more pigs doing pig things.

I ordered this maxi dress, because I am in love with the back. I hope it looks as good in person, I can’t wait for my order to arrive! This weekend, my goal is to find a pair of wedges to pair with dresses and shorts for the summer.

Enjoy your weekend, see you next week. I won’t judge, whatever you do. This is exactly what I have planned, except with less people and more food.

I am linking up with Amanda of Meet @ the Barre for Friday Favorites. Be sure to visit her ’cause she’s awesome, and maybe join in the party.

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Friday Favorites

Is it Friday already? We’ve almost made it through the week. I have an epic day of work to fling myself through (at least it’s overtime, woo), and then the weekend begins. Here are some of my favorites this week:


My landlord’s dog came to see what we were doing while we were trying to stuff our humongous AC back in the window (the back of our apartment looks into their backyard). He’s super sweet, I just wanna hug him.

And then there’s my cat, Luna, who obviously ain’t got time for that.

Just kidding, she’s sweet, too. Except when it comes to food, then she will cut a bitch.


I made these cookies, and they were so incredibly chewy and soft. I eat vegan, but even Greg liked these, and he is a regular-milk & meat guy. I replaced half the coconut oil with Earth Balance, so they didn’t taste even a little coconuty this time to me.

Things to Do:

I want to hug all the cats like this.

Friday – I’m just at work like

Dreaming of how crazy the weekend will be.

But there’s a real possibility there may be napping involved.
Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and I’ll see you again next week! Go find a cat to hug.

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Dirt Cake on the Weekend

Our weekend was very relaxed, because Greg said he had studying to do (HA, like that happened) and we were feeling beat from our week. We went shopping on Saturday for our new camera, which I love and can’t wait to use more.

We did some useful stuff, like get my tires rotated and put the A/C back in, because I was sweating so freaking much last week. Naturally, now I’m freezing!!

Sunday was pancake day (hint: Sunday is ALWAYS pancake day).

Despite me freaking out, because, “We don’t have any vegetable OIL?????” which I learned was donated to Greg’s chicken wing cause, they turned out delicious. I could write a song about how much I love pancakes, but I don’t know the words to describe it.

We also went to see Godzilla, which was really good.

It really put me in the mood for some Jurassic Park. Too bad the new one’s not coming out anytime soon. Need more dinosaurs! Godzilla’s not a dinosaur, obviously, but he was a beast. I wish I could roar like Godzilla; I would scare the shit out of my cats.

Then we made some Vegan Dirt Cake, based off this recipe.

We substituted Trader Joe’s Joe Joe’s for Oreos, because Oreo’s always make my stomach ache. SO good. Tastes just like regular dirt cake.

Are you a fan of dirt cake?
Have you seen Godzilla?
Any movies in theater I should see?


Kitties in the Sun

I finally bought my first big girl camera this weekend, a Nikon D3200. It’s apparently entry-level, but there are so many buttons and settings on it, we are still exploring them all. I’m going to be on the hunt for some kind of online photography class soon, because I don’t know a lot about cameras. We had so much fun playing with it, and we took the cats out while the weather was gorgeous. Greg is a natural button-pusher, so he has already figured out 5x as much as I have.

Laying around and rolling in the rocks is their favorite thing. No actual walking is involved in our cat walking. Sometimes I bring a book, because all they want to do is lie there enjoying the sun.

Luna (above) loves to explore, but Boba is a scaredy cat. I tried to take only Luna outside once, so she could walk farther and I wouldn’t have to hold on to two cats, but Boba sat in the window crying until I let him out, too. Silly boy. Last time he tried to catch a bee between his paws and, thankfully, missed.

Shirt: Forever 21 // Tank: Forever 21 // Leggings: Old Navy /// Boots: Steve Madden
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The Funnest Firsts

I’m linking up with Helene today to share some firsts; there are so many it was hard to choose!

Helene in Between

I decided to go with some of the funnest firsts I’ve had. I moved from South Carolina to Delaware to be with my then boyfriend, now husband, in 2007. Ever since I moved up, we have been doing crazy stuff together as much as possible, whenever not eating pancakes watching TV on the couch. Under a blanket. In pajamas.
Tough Mudder
He just hit his number 3 on Tough Mudders this year. Here is his very first, when he had no idea what to expect:
Running 12 miles through ice, mud, fire, water, and enormous obstacles? Why not? Giant adult obstacle course, hell yes! Haha I have not done a Tough Mudder yet – 12 miles is pretty extreme, but I have been thinking about it. He loves them.
Meanwhile, I was walking around like an idiot getting one of the worst sunburns of my life, which I was to find out later:
Warrior Dash
Here we are after our first Warrior Dash together. Notice how I managed to get so much muddier higher up than he did.
One of my favorite firsts ever was when we adopted our first kitten, Boba Fett. As Greg says, “She wanted cats, and I didn’t, so we compromised and got cats.”
Which naturally led to our first cat Christmas.
And finally, our first grown-up vacation. To Hogwarts.
Who’s that glowing white nerd with the Butterbeer?? The T-Rex was NOT part of Hogwarts, BTW. Jurassic Park was pretty sweet, but my favorite was Hogwarts. We had SO much fun, and my Harry Potter fangirl heart was loving it. We went during what turned out to be a tropical storm in Florida, but you know what that means? Less crowded rides!! We rode all the rides rain or shine, and it was awesome. The main Harry Potter one is inside the castle, and there is soooo much stuff just to look at before you get to the ride. Now my next dream is to do the Harry Potter studio tour in the UK.
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Favorite Things

It’s the end of the weekend!! Sunday gets here so quickly. I hope you all had a productive weekend. Or lazy, whatever makes you happy. I accomplished the goal of cleaning out my closet and donating all the stuff I haven’t worn in a year or two. My other goals were watching movies and vegetating, so DONE!

Here are a few of my favorite things lately:


The remains of my chocolate chip cookie dough. You better believe I licked the spoon. Followed this recipe, switching out the coconut oil for canola oil and apple sauce. Super gooey cookies but super delicious. I’ve made them before using the coconut oil, and the texture was the absolute best cookie texture, but it did give them a little coconut-y flavor.


This is a close follow up:

It usually starts like this:


(credit unknown)


It’s okay to wear Birkenstocks again, and no longer do they only have those clogs I clomped around in when I thought Aeropostale was the height of fashion. Maybe one day I will rationalize spending the money on these Yara sandals.


Because it’s true. So so sorry. I just needed a pretzel in my face.

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Some Things I’m Loving

1. Kittens. The answer is always kittens.

(photo credit unknown)

2. A Song of Ice and Fire book 4. This book is getting intense, and there is one specific character I would like to bludgeon right now. And cliffhangers! Gonna need that next book soon.

3. Clinique Take the Day Off cleansing balm. This stuff does wonders taking my makeup off at night. I recently switched from makeup remover wipes to this, and it’s a lot healthier for my skin.

4. These chocolate chocolate chip cookies made from a Veganomicon recipe.
5. This polka dot peplum top I just ordered from Forever 21, along with several other tops. I hope it fits; I don’t own any peplum tops. 
6. Cat walks. Luna is a brave girl and loooooves to go outside. She’s not even scared when our neighbor’s dog walks by. I’m pretty sure she would love to run wild out there, but our neighborhood has too many cars for that.

And Then I Bought Cat Bungee Leashes

What to do when stressing out over major life decisions? Attach your cats to bungee rope leashes and “walk” them around. Or sit on the steps while they roll around in the dirt.

We are back from our honeymoon. We had a wonderful time in Jamaica doing nothing but laying on the beach, reading, drinking, and riding in the most terrifying shuttle ride of my life. Traffic in Jamaica. Is. Craaaazy. Like ‘wear extra underwear ’cause you’re gonna poop your pants’ crazy.

I am wrestling with more military-life decisions right now. I have a terrible time trying to pick a cereal every week, so it’s easy for me to turn decisions over and over in my head. We are also dealing with a family emergency, so things are unpredictable, but we are doing our best. Hopefully, the boat will even out soon, but until then, hold on tight.

The cats are crazy for the outside. Boba punched a bee in the face today. I did not approve, but he seemed happy with himself.

Also, please please please watch this video. It’s some of my favorite 47 seconds ever. FENTOOOOOON!

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The Post Office Hates Your Rainbows

I decided to bake my mom some cookies and send them to her for her birthday, since she lives a few states away. This is what I sent her over one month ago:

And this is the crushed pile of rainbows that arrived at her house a couple days ago:

Apparently, they put the wrong zip code in the bar code and nobody was smart enough to read the address, so it floated between Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC for a whole month. At first I was mad, because the cookies missed her birthday and I wanted her to get rainbow cookies dammit. Then, I made her some blondie brownies to make up for it, and was amused to see how long the package would tour the states. After a month of traveling, they’ve obviously had a great time and been through some stuff, so I’m glad they made it home.

Thank goodness it’s Friday. May it be as happy as my cat looks perched on this straining rocking chair.