What I’ve Been Reading: May

It’s Show Us Your Books day! I didn’t have a huge reading month – just three books! They were all fantastic, however. I’ve still got a big library stack I’m working my way through.


Nevermoor series (#1 & #2) by Jessica Townsend – 5 stars

It would be hard for me to love these books more. It’s definitely reminiscent of Harry Potter, but it felt like a new world of its own. They’re magical, funny, and warm. I devoured both and wish I could get more.






Skyward by Brandon Sanderson – 5 stars

You can’t go wrong with a Brandon Sanderson book, and I wasn’t disappointed. There’s a huge mystery that had me guessing till the end (I’m terrible at guessing, so others may figure it out faster). The characters had a sense of humor and the main character was a badass. There’s room for the next in the series, which comes out at the end of the year. The ending was satisfying on its own, however.




Currently Reading:


Circe by Madeline Miller

I’m towards the end of this, so I can already say READ THIS. I’ll hold off any further details until next time!

I’m linking up with Steph & Jana today for Show Us Your Books. Join in and share what you’ve been reading!

30 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading: May

      1. The second one wasn’t even out yet when I read the first one. My mistake is always starting series that aren’t complete yet then when the next ones finally come out I have too many books waiting for my attention. Haha.


  1. yay Nevermoor!! glad you liked them both. i have never read a brandon sanderson book but that one sounds intriguing! i own Circe, so glad you are liking it!


  2. Loved Nevermoor. I had Wundersmith out from the library but lost my reading mojo so I’ll have to borrow it again to continue the adventures with Morrigan and crew. Such a fun book and series!


    1. I didn’t know anything about Circe going in, and I find myself falling unexpectedly in love with it. I’ve almost finished it, and already checked out her other book, The Song of Achilles, from the library.


  3. I loved Circe and I LOVE Nevermoor. I am so excited that she is continuing the series. Wundersmith was so good too!! Yay great books. I haven’t read any Brandon Sanderson but I might try sometime! It sounds good and we obviously have similar tastes 🙂


    1. Yes, try some Brandon Sanderson! Skyward would be a good intro, I think. His adult series can be more lengthy, as in several in a series and quite in depth. But this one was very balanced!


    1. You can always come back to Nevermoor when you’re in the mood! Sometimes a reading slump requires some time away or a very specific kind of book to get you out of it! I’ve had many many of those :).


  4. I’ve heard good things about Nevermoor so they’re being added to the list. Circe is on my list but I don’t know when I’ll get to it. It’s not high on the priority books.


    1. It had been a long time since I’d read a Brandon Sanderson book, so Skyward was a nice step back into it. His adult series can be pretty massive. Hope you get to read Nevermoor, too!


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