Currently… June

It’s Friday, and I’m off, thank goodness (our office is always closed on Friday’s). Greg works rotating shifts, which can be tough and is why I am happy to work 4 days a week. He’s working this weekend, so I plan to entertain a very energetic toddler. We might head to the library; we haven’t been to the local one since we moved.

House stuff: We finally got the downstairs of our house mostly decorated. I think Ellie has at least as much furniture as we do – a table and chair, a mini workshop that used to be Greg’s as a kid, a play kitchen, an armchair, and a rocking horse. So basically, half our downstairs is owned by a tiny toddler and it’s like one big playroom. I’m okay with that.

We decorated above the couch with these posters from NASA. We just had to print them and order frames.

I think next up for house decor might be our bedroom, because it is fairly empty right now and it’s a big room. I’d rather have had a bigger bathroom; not sure yet what to do with the bedroom space. There’s no rush on figuring it out, though. It might not even be till next year, since we are still getting a feel for our budget.

Going outdoors: It went straight from cool to HOT here, which I think is happening in a lot of places. It’s been humid with the tropical storms that have been coming through south of us.

Ellie would live outdoors if she could. She is always demanding we go outside. She’s actually always demanding a lot of things. It’s like living with a tiny dictator. I await her instructions. Often, while I’m sitting, she pokes me and says, “Up! Up!” which means I need to follow her.

She’s been enjoying the water table and playing in the dirt, although she does NOT like getting a mess on her and will wash it off right away. She has two baby dolls that MUST go with us everywhere, even in the backyard. Usually, I am the designated holder of the babies.

She doesn’t have a ton of words yet; she has figured out the word ‘no’ for sure. She says it gently and thoughtfully. If I ask her, “Do you want to take your blankie off?” (it’s a sleep sack), I usually hear a small “…” She has been learning more and more words in the last couple months – it’s amazing.

Watching: I have been watching a few different shows. I finished up the first two seasons of Fargo and ran out of episodes on Hulu. That show is wild – extremely violent and cinematic. I’m not a fan of violent shows but it hooked me – it’s also weird and funny.

Then I watched the first season of Legion, another weird and cool show. It made me want to see some other Dan Stevens stuff, so maybe I’ll give Downton Abbey another shot.

I just started watching The Handmaid’s Tale. I watched the first episode and that was rough. After I finished, I felt like I just watched my nightmare. But it’s a good show and I’m going to continue it.

Reading: I’m finishing up Caliban’s War (Expanse #2) by James S.A. Corey. I’m not usually a sci-fi book fan and I’m digging it. I got into it because of the show and it follows the book pretty closely. I’ll probably take a break from the series after this to read something else on my shelf. I read that the series got canceled by Syfy and then picked up by Amazon, so hooray! I’ve seen the first two seasons and will catch up sometime.

Hope you’re having a good Friday and enjoy whatever you have planned this weekend!

9 thoughts on “Currently… June

  1. I love those NASA prints! Ellie's room/level sounds awesome! She sounds so active and fun! Sometimes it's nice having a little reminder to get up and outside. Although I'm sure it gets very tiring very quickly 😉 Haha!


  2. LOLOLOL I love that she says “up up!!!” I have a tiny dictator as well. Ellie's hair has gotten so long!!! I am waiting on Zoe's to grow. She still has a mullet. I love your NASA prints, that is such a cool looking wall. It has gotten miserably hot here already too, no time to really enjoy the outside. Sounds like you have been having some fun and getting settled in the new house 🙂 Ours looks like a playroom as well. For tiny humans, they sure do require a lot of space!


  3. For some reason, I didn't get email notifications on this post – glitchy Blogger! Anyway, she is a super active kid. I think I ran too much when I was pregnant with her haha. Now the only running I do is chasing her. She does make sure I get my dose of vitamin d outside every day.


  4. I didn't get notifications on this post, just noticed that! Glitchy Blogger. Ellie is a big fan of poking me and saying, “up up!” or “out out” like get out of your chair, lazy mama. Her hair is getting longer but we are still in mullet territory LOL. Still can't make a ponytail that grabs all her hair, yet. Or braid. Soon!


  5. Totally didn't get any notifications on this post, so I hope you still see a reply this way haha. I'm on episode 4 now, I think, and it's dark but now I'm getting a little more familiar with the world. I may need a break after this to cleanse my palate with something less dystopian. Or not, I might be down a crazy tv rabbit hole.


  6. oh, how cool are those posters! i love that Ellie is a tiny dictator. i still haven't watched The Handmaid's Tale, i think it might be a bit much for me even though i enjoyed the book… i don't know. it's definitely a little too realistically scary.


  7. I don't get email notifications about comments anymore.. something's gotta change! I was unsure about the first couple episodes of Handmaid's Tale, because of the scary realisticness of it. I'm partly into season two now and I am glued to it. I've never read the book; I may read it after this season finishes up. Not sure I can love it as much as I love the show, but it's a book so possibly?


  8. We have a U shaped basement so when we were redoing it we made half of it a play area and kept the other half a tv/toy free area..
    My youngest loves to be outside.. he'd live out there if he could.
    oh The Handmaid's Tale is soo good.. so messed up but soo good.

    Love all those pictures.. Ellie is adorable


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