Currently… August

Sometimes I step up to Blogger and wonder what in the world to write about, because all I take photos of are Ellie. I’d take more pictures of other things, but I actually enjoy not taking a photo of everything we do, and a lot of the time I don’t even think about it.

I feel like I live a million miles from the city now, so mostly we hang out or go shopping closer to our house. Once it gets cooler, I’d like to go to the zoo and maybe go into the city more. It’s a little too hot for Ellie right now. We actually probably live about 30 mins away, but it feels like much longer when you have a baby.

… Feeling
Sick – blah! Ellie came home from her first week of daycare with a stomach virus that just won’t stop. It’s been nearly a week now and she is still sad and having an upset stomach after ever meal. Today’s actually the first day that her mood has been a little better and she has eaten a little more. The doctor said the bug lasts 7-10 days, so I’m hoping she feels better soon. I picked up a little cold from her but nothing as bad as what she’s got.

She was totally cool at the doctor’s office, waving at people (who were actually not facing her haha), until the nurse came over and interacted with us, and then it was screams the rest of the visit. She is not a fan of the doctor, or strangers touching her.

These pics are from two different days but apparently, I really like this outfit this week!

… Starting something new
Greg started work this week – yay! He’s got two weeks of training and he’ll start his job after that.

I’ve been at my job for two months now and it’s been good so far. My boss was very understanding with Ellie being sick… I am not looking forward to taking her to daycare next week. Except for her being sick, I have enjoyed spending time with her this week.

… Expecting total chaos
I think we better hunker down this weekend, because I have heard the eclipse traffic near us is going to be crazy. We are apparently right in the path and there are people coming from all over and booking hotels to see it. My work is only a 5 minute drive, and I plan to do a half day on Monday.

… Watching
Moana on repeat. Ellie likes the songs and I love watching the animation – I hadn’t seen it before recently and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I love the songs, too.

Here she is enjoying a scene, and also a sneaky pic of me from forever ago, because this is my mom’s house:

… Reading
Tale as Old as Time by Liz Braswell. It’s a good read, so far – an interesting spin on Beauty and the Beast. I’ve got a couple books to pick up from the library but have felt more like spacing out on Facebook than reading since I’ve been sick. Mostly, I just want to sleep and not concentrate. I’m actually feeling better today than I have been – probably due to the downtime with Ellie and lots of Dayquil to help me breathe at night.

We have been inside a lot lately because it is baking hot here in SC. I am looking forward to fall and winter, even though it’s going to be an adjustment for me coming from somewhere where we usually get at least several inches of snow at some point in the winter. I’m hoping I can still get into the fall & winter spirit here!

7 thoughts on “Currently… August

  1. Last month I watched Moana every day for two weeks when we checked it out from the library. I really liked it! And so did my daughter obviously. It's on her birthday wish list! My son though has no interest in any TV/movie yet. Honestly I'm a little jealous that Ellie will watch it because I sure wouldn't mind a little break now and then!


  2. Hope you enjoy that book as much as I did!
    I just saw Moana for the first time a few weeks ago & love it too – cant believe it took me so long to see it.
    Hope everyone is full health this week. So sad to have a sick little one.


  3. We had plans to go to Cleveland TN to watch the Eclipse but cancelled when we thought of the logistics of it all. Traveling in traffic with Zoe and waiting around for just those few minutes…nope. Chris stayed home today and I watched it from the parking lot at work. Glad we decided not to go! Sorry to hear that Ellie had a stomach bug. That is the worst! Zoe brought home some crud and we all have scratchy throats and runny noses. Dirty daycare babies!!! I haven't seen Moana yet, putting it on the list!


  4. I watched Moana recently and loved it. I think it's beautiful and the songs are cute and the message is wonderful. Glad you guys are enjoying it! Hopefully you all survived the eclipse masses and are recovering quickly from your colds!!


  5. Hope you are both feeling better now! I hate being sick, and with kiddos it is a lot easier to get sick. When I worked at a preschool, I was sick all of the time. I mean ALL OF THE TIME. LOL. Moana is so cute, glad you are both enjoying it. That book sounded great so I added it to my TBR a little while back. Glad you are enjoying it. We were in the path of the eclipse, but it was too overcast to see it. Boo. Still felt magical though. šŸ™‚ Hope you are having a great week! XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


  6. i am waiting on tale as old as time from the library. i know it's a series and i know you don't have to read them in order but i can't read series out of order even when you don't have to. I CAN'T DO IT.
    I still haven't seen Moana lol which isn't that weird considering i don't have kids but i am normally all over new disney movies.
    sorry Ellie has been sick! hope all goes well when she goes back to daycare.


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