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I really love Show Us Your Books time. It’s the one of the only times I post, recently! I’ll check back in with regular stuff sometime – long story short, Ellie started daycare this week (help us all, I am so worried!) and Greg is starting work next week. We have lots of changes happening and we are going to have to settle into an all new routine. She also recently turned 10 months old – holy moly, almost a year.

I read some great books this month, which all happen to be part of my choices for Erin’s book challenge.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas – 4.5 stars

Loved this book. I liked that the author was able to present so many different viewpoints but with no doubt about how she felt. The main plot point happens early on and the rest is about the events that happen afterward. I think that the author said things well and it was heartfelt.

Beartown by Fredrik Backman – 4.5 stars

This was my first book by Fredrik Backman and I loved it. It’s about a small hockey town and the people who live in it. I loved the characters, especially Benji and Peter. I pictured Peter as Peter from Parenthood, another character I love. Side note, I enjoy watching hockey in person but have no particular passion for hockey and the hockey bits were not so important in the story.

Watership Down by Richard Adams – 5 stars

I’m not sure how to describe this one because it’s always been a favorite of mine. I love that the rabbits are so rabbit-like but also have human characteristics. I like the slight mystical element and the language invented for their kind. There is a new movie being made for Netflix that I am excited about, starring James McAvoy , John Boyega, Nicholas Hoult, and other fabulous people. I don’t remember seeing the older film but it’s known for being quite violent, which I did not find the book to be. It seemed more an adventure book with sweet characters to me.

Currently Reading:

I highly recommend all of the books this month. I’m linking up with Steph and Jana for Show Us Your Books.

18 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading

  1. I have Hate U Give and Beartown on my TBR. I had downloaded Beartown along with five other books last night with audible credits so I will eventually get there!

    I hope Ellie's first day of daycare was alright. I called at lunch to check on Zoe yesterday and they had told me she wasn't napping and you could tell she was super tired. Poor kid was passed out in the car not even 5 minutes in to our drive home last night. Hopefully, for her sake and the teachers, she can nap today!


  2. Beartown is one of my book club books this month, so I'm really hoping to get it read sometime soon! I'm glad that you really enjoyed it, and hopefully you'll pick up more of his books, all of them that I've read are so good! And I hope that the transition to daycare goes smoothly for y'all! I know that it can be tough all around when you change up schedules with a baby, and put them into a new environment!


  3. I have heard so many good things about Beartown but I DNF'd another Backman book so I'm just not sure he's for me…
    Glad you liked Watership Down on the re-read!


  4. The Hate U Give has received so much praise. I'm on the wait list for it. Beartown has also gotten a lot of love from this link-up. It's already on my TBR. The hockey bits concern me a bit as I'm not fan but others have also noted that you don't need to be fan to enjoy the book.


  5. I keep seeing The Hate U Give and am annoyed because I'm *still* on the waitlist for it! Awesome to read another positive review of it though! Adding Beartown! I enjoy watching hockey too, but not extremely passionate, so good to know those bits aren't too important. I read Watership Down when I was younger and remember that I loved it, but can hardly remember the story now. I think a reread is in order. And I had no idea about the Netflix movie- moving it on up my list!


  6. Beartown & The Hate U Give get rave reviews always. I can't wait to read both. Glad you enjoyed them I have not read Watership Down, I'm generally not so sure about talking animals in books. I don't know what it is, LOL. But I may check this out someday. I'm definitely a James Mcavoy fan! πŸ™‚ OMG I HOPE YOU LOVE The Bear and The Nightingale! It was slow but in a thoughtful way and the fantasy was so interesting to me. I just got approved for the sequel on Netgalley and I'm freaking out! πŸ™‚ Good luck with the changes related to daycare and work! πŸ™‚ XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


  7. Whew. You read some pretty heavy books this month! Glad you enjoyed them all πŸ™‚ The Hate U Give has been a really popular one- I've seen nothing but good things about it!


  8. The Hate you Give and Beartown are both on my TBR. I just picked up The Bear and the Nightingale with a few other YAs to read. Your little one is getting so big and is adorable. Pam πŸ™‚


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