Penelope: 7 Months

Happy Mother’s Day! I haven’t updated a ton because literally almost all I take are baby photos. And her nap time is usually chill and read time. It’s been a while since I’ve done a baby update, so why not? She’s SEVEN. MONTHS. OLD. She’s going to be 18 and I’m going to be wondering how it happened so quickly. Hopefully not. There are lots of years in between. Babies grow ridiculously fast, though.

First of all, here is her looking extremely unimpressed at Chick Fil A. That wine list is not up to par. She sits in high chairs now. She also whacked herself in the eye with my salad lid after this and promptly had to be carried out of the restaurant, but she was okay soon after.

She’s growing into a toddler – AAAHHH! That sums up my thoughts on it.

Even further back.. this week, two days old, and me 40 weeks pregnant. She used to be so tiny!

Okay, all recent pics now. She is wiggling all around this week and almost crawling. She gets everywhere somehow without actually crawling. It has something to do with her rolling around like a turtle.

We fell off the cloth diaper wagon but I’m trying to get back on and we are doing them part-time. We’re trying pockets and I just got in a Harry Potter one and a Doctor Who one, yesss. Here’s her rainbow butt.

We call this chillin and Black Books. We watch a little Netflix every now and then. Mommy needs entertainment.

Family portrait. Also, I found her H&M dress at Once Upon a Child and was really excited.

She passed out on the way back from Target and I could not stop laughing at her. She was too adorable.

After bathtime is naked butt time and pile things on baby time.

She loves looking in the mirror and at our phone cameras. We bring her up to the door mirror after every nap to put her in a good mood.

Hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day and weekend!

5 thoughts on “Penelope: 7 Months

  1. 7 months??? These kids are growing too fast! She is so darn cute! And look at her sitting in a big girl high chair! Love it!!! Is that a convertible car seat that she is in? Z is still in her infant one in my car, but I want to get a convertible one for Chris's car. Which do you have? There are so many!!!


  2. Aweeeee!!! Hope you had a super Happy First Mother's Day, Jess!! I can't believe how bright-eyed she's always been! She is just so adorable. Once she's crawling and walking you're never going to catch a break, lol!!


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