friday things

Friday Things

We’ve been trying different foods. The only one she’s a fan of so far is apples. Pears and prunes are not her thing but she chowed down on some apples.

This week has been filled with reading, eating Which Wich twice in one day (I missed you, Which Wich), shopping, walking in the park, and Ellie learning new tricks like flipping onto her belly and wiggling like a baby seal when she’s supposed to be napping.

We started making pizza once a week. We did this most of the time already, but since we moved and started shopping at Publix, we started buying their pizza dough and it is hands down the best pizza dough we’ve tried. So fluffy and crispy. I like pineapples on my pizza sometimes.

I have two library memberships now! My one from Delaware is still good (until I don’t know when) and I got a membership in SC this week. This is a recipe for madness. They both have Overdrive, so I can check out ebooks. My holds list is gonna be out of control. Also, the wait list for books in my county in SC is way shorter than Delaware.

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. This was one of the books that had a wayyy shorter wait than my previous library, so I am pumped to read it. I’m almost halfway through and I love it. Blake Crouch is excellent at writing twisty books.

Baby Smiles:
Ellie’s full-tilt these days. She wants to play all the time and her giggle is awesome. She goes absolutely bonkers in her bouncer and I am pretty sure she is going to get everywhere by jumping before walking or crawling.

I have been cracking up over the United memes, but here’s something unrelated. I can’t stop laughing.

Also, this is important:

What else should I put on my reading list RIGHT now? Are you reading anything good? I’ve already got a mile long list from the book link-up, but I am always curious what people are reading. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

9 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. i miss pizza fridays…we used to do that too (make our own) but i found a great dough recipe so i would make the crust myself and then we'd have fun dressing it….but now that we're grain free, cauliflower crust takes too long and let's be real here, it's just not the same 😦


  2. YES – someone else puts pineapple on their pizza. There was a whole radio segment the other day about how pineapple should never be included on pizza. I love it!!!!
    I think its so funny how babies have such unique tastes – what they like & dont like. We're all individual from the beginning πŸ™‚


  3. Mmm pizza!!! for awhile we were ordering pizzas on Fridays lol. Then we were making flatbread pizzas often. Pineapple is my favorite pizza. It is so delicious! Ellie is such a cutie!!! I am excited to see what kinds of foods Zoe eats. Our doctor told us to start her on rice cereal next month..and then yellow veggies (sweet potatoes and squash) when she hits six months. Or we can just skip the rice cereal and start her on veggies at six months. So we shall see how that goes! Hope you have a great weekend!


  4. I miss Publix, that's such a good grocery store and that pizza looks delicious! I've heard a lot about Dark Matter but for some reason I still haven't read it. Having multiple libraries for borrowing books is great. Lol Fast and the Furious post made me laugh, that's such a deep thing to contemplate!


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