Things I Didn’t Know About Having a Baby

+ The sleep deprivation is real. Like ‘haha, new parents get no sleep’ is something everybody knows. But I did not know why sleep deprivation is a good form of torture. Now I do. Just saying.

+ Just when you think you’ve got the hang of things, baby says, “Nah. Let’s completely do everything differently.” Again with sleep – great, we’ve got things figured out. Oh wait, here comes the 4 month sleep regression. Will life ever be the same again?

+ Life hits the extremes – I’m extremely happy or extremely sad at times.

+ Everything she does is totally amazing. I never thought I’d be so excited to see someone roll. She can now roll at will. This is as close to proof as I have.

+ She can drive me crazy overnight and then be totally adorable in the morning.

+ I will now cry at anything remotely parenting related in a movie or TV show.

+ I never know if I’m doing anything right. Should I keep breastfeeding? How long should I keep the swaddle? How long should she go between naps? My questions never end in my head.

+ I think babies already have a personality at birth. She’s always wanted to be close to us and seemingly has no interest in personal space, although she will put up with it if we are at least in the same room.

+ When she laughs, I laugh. It’s scientific fact.

+ She’s almost 5 months old and I still don’t know all the answers and am always looking for the next milestone. I keep looking for the next stage when things get easier.

+ People will give you lots of unneeded advice. Today, someone told me that their baby never napped after three months and slept through the night. That’s unhelpful as well as unlikely. My mom has no memory of me waking up during the night. I’m pretty sure we forget these things as kids get older.

+ Life is great, but also really hard. There are lots of ups and downs. Ellie is totally amazing in all ways. I don’t want to sugar coat it and say that taking care of a baby + balancing life is easy, though. It’s crazy! Totally bananas. Some days are better, some worse. But at the end of it all, I’ve got this sweet baby beast AKA Stormageddon, because what else would she be called.

I had a sleep deprived night if you can’t tell, but on the bright side, Greg has taken to making me pies while he’s at home with Ellie, so there are many good things in this world – pie being one of them. Tonight I will have a slice of strawberry pie before going in for another round.

11 thoughts on “Things I Didn’t Know About Having a Baby

  1. You're doing great, Jess. Penelope is happy and healthy and growing and so smiley! I looove all her cute little outfits, too!!
    I hope she starts giving you a few more hours of sleep soon!


  2. She is such a cutie and looks so happy so you are clearly doing something right!!! But I totally get that and feel like I never know if what I am doing is the right thing or best thing or whatever. We have the same exact pack and play that you have! It was the first thing that went on my registry because elephants! And I dont want to hear about this sleep regression. I cant go back to sleepless nights! Tell me it isn't so!


  3. so K is 8 and i still have questions but I take solace in the fact that she's still alive and breathing LOL. it does get easier as they get older and less dependent on you…then it's FREEDOM! and you can arrange your schedule so that you can actually DO STUFF!


  4. awwww she is so freaking adorable. she always looks so happy too.
    i feel like i have heard/read all of these things: babies switch things up, sleep deprivation is real, emotions, etc etc… but i don't think it's something you can fully understand till you go through it. which i am of course looking forward to haha.


  5. Everything they do is amazing!!! 🙂
    I still cry at anything remotely parent-y too. I'll be skipping over commercials on the DVR and will pause it for a diaper commercial, Haha.


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