thankful thursday

Thankful Thursday

Today seemed like a good day to join Rebecca’s Thankful Thursday linkup, because I am stressing myself out, lately, and it’s nice to remind myself of the things about which I should be happy.

+ Daddy care – While we wait to hear some news about what we’ll be doing, I am able to go back to work as needed for at least the next month or so while Greg takes care of Ellie. One bonus is that it gives me an idea of what it’s like to be away from her during the day. I feel okay about being away when I know it’s Greg at home with her. I am still not ready for daycare if we have to go that route, but I’m glad for now I am able to work and Penelope is with someone she loves. She is 14 weeks and growing so fast, it’s hard to believe.

+ Coworkers – My coworkers are awesome. It’s been nice to come back to somewhere I feel so welcome. Coworkers can make all the difference. I used to love my old job and quit because the quality of people was making me overworked. My current job is very temporary but the folks are pretty lovely while I’m here.

+ Zillow – I am addicted to it and I’m glad there is something to show me what housing costs anywhere I want to check out. Penelope definitely needs more space than we have in our one bedroom apartment, so I have been browsing our dream homes (a yard?? what’s a yard?).

+ Technology – I’m pretty sure I would have fallen asleep breastfeeding many times if it weren’t for my iPhone. I reach for my Kindle sometimes, but at 3 AM, that tends to make me more sleepy.

+ Beautiful baby – She is the sweetest and smiliest and I want to hold her all the time. I love when she smiles at me when I come home or when she’s peeking over Greg’s shoulder at me while he’s walking around. And I love when we play ‘booty pats’ on the changing table and she laughs.

Bonus picture of us trying to fit her in her little gangster hoodie and her looking at us like, “What are you doing to me?”

+ Chick-Fil-A – They almost always get my order right. And I always order a salad with no cheese, which is a little weird to them maybe. And a giant waffle fry. And a huge sweet tea. And zero chicken ever, but they don’t complain.

Between working and night feeding/sleep deprivation and not knowing for sure when/where we’ll be moving, I have been stressing like crazy. I would share more, but I don’t know anything definite about our near future plans, so I’d rather wait. We are fine and good; I’m just obsessive and need to know a plan way ahead of time or I lose my mind. So, the waiting stinks. We will find out everything in time and I will try to be patient!

11 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. So glad you joined in with me today.
    Love the gangster look 😉
    I think its good for dads to step in every now & then – makes them appreciate all the hard work moms do.
    I'm the same way with Chick-Fil-A – or anywhere really. The life as a vegetarian/vegan. My dad always says he refuses to go out to eat with me because it drives him nuts. haha
    I honestly cant believe how big your girl is getting. That is just mind blowing how fast time is going. I feel like you were doing those posts waiting for her exit


  2. There's a housing website specific to the Houston area, and I swear that when we were looking for our second house I was constantly addicted to it! It's crazy sometimes to think about how expensive houses can be! And hooray for Greg getting to stay home with Penelope! I can't imagine how much that eases your mind!


  3. Are you staying in Delaware? Because you should move near me (I'm in the MOT area). We love it here!

    My husband stayed home with Erica for 2 months after I went back to work. I felt so much better with her home and starting daycare at 5 months instead of 3. I feel fortunate that we were able to do it that way, too.


  4. I'm glad that overall everything is fine, but I understand how stressful you must feel. That would make me a little crazy, too. Great idea with the thankful post today! Penelope is such a beautiful little girl! Those gorgeous doe eyes are so swoon-worthy! What a doll!


  5. She is just too cute!!! I'm about to have to go back to work and our childcare is a little up in the air now so I think it's awesome daddy gets to stay home right now! You guys are lucky. I hope you get your answers soon. Unknown always makes me anxious too.


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