What I’ve Been Reading

That’s basically how I get 90% of my reading done these days. I used to have a cat in my lap, and now it’s a snuggly baby…and also cats.

I’ve read some really good books, lately, and I love finding tons more via this linkup. It’s one of my favorite times of the month.

The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel – 4.5 stars
Received via NetGalley
I was crazy about this one and it was such a disturbing book. I couldn’t put it down. I don’t know how else to describe it except that it was weird and creepy, and you should read it and see what you think.
Strangers (Lucy Clayburn #1) by Paul Finch – 4 stars
Received via NetGalley
This thriller took me a bit to get into, but flew along once I did. It was set in the UK, which can sometimes throw me with police terms, but not at all this time. I’m interested to see where the series leads, since we got a pretty good backstory in this one.

Good Behavior by Blake Crouch – 4 stars
Received via NetGalley

I didn’t realize when I started that it was a few short stories instead of a novel. It was a fast read and enjoyable. The character seemed a little inconsistent at times, but it was easy accept that and get into the quick little stories.

Market Street Cinema by Michele Machado – 3 stars
Received via NetGalley

I’m not sure what genre to qualify this as. Adult fiction but not sexy? It was a very short read and I felt kinda ‘eh’ about it, because I didn’t identify with any of the characters and the story didn’t grab me. I felt like the ending was a little too dramatic compared to the rest of the story.
I’ve heard about this series for a while and I’m glad I finally checked it out. I love the world and the relationships between the characters. There was a bit that was slow (hint: I hate journeys), but the rest was really good.

It’s hard to pick which I enjoyed more between books 1 and 2, because they take place in totally different lands with almost all different characters. That said, I actually liked the fresh start and all the new characters of Fire. This one had a bit more of an emotional story and writing, although it didn’t make me cry. Once I adjusted to all the new creatures and settings in this book, I loved it.

My top picks were The Roanoke Girls and the Graceling series – you should check them out if no others.
Life According to Steph

I’m linking up today with Steph and Jana today for Show Us Your Books. You can follow me here on Goodreads.

23 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading

  1. It sounds your baby is the perfect reading companion! πŸ˜€ THe Roanoke Girls is on my TBR. Maybe I ought to see if I can get through NetGalley. It's been a long time since I was on there! Graceling is on my TBR, like you I've heard great things about it.


  2. I'm glad you're able to get some reading done (fingers crossed that works out for me too!). I actually didn't like the 2nd book in the Graceling series as much but I think part of that was not expecting the switch of characters. Also the main character seemed less strong and I got annoyed with her a few times. After finishing the series I appreciated it more because I understood how they were all linked without necessarily being chunks of the same exact story.


  3. I love Blake Crouch, but I'm not huge on short stories. I may make an exception for him, though! (Have you read Dark Matter or watched Wayward Pines?)
    And I've been wanting to read the Roanoke Girls, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Definitely need to pick it up!


  4. I'm always so impressed when new (and seasoned!) mamas check off so many books! You surpassed me, haha! The Roanoke Girls keeps popping up in Blogland and you're finally convinced me to add it to my TBR list!


  5. I've read his Pines series and loved it! I'd say Good Behavior didn't have his same style that I loved, but is worth a read. I have Dark Matter on my to read list, can't wait!


  6. i always have a cat nearby when reading as well haha. The Roanoke Girls sounds interesting! Good Behaviour looks interesting, the tv show looked a bit odd lol but it is Blake Crouch.
    i'm glad you enjoyed Graceling- i'm with you, journeys = boring. I didn't like Fire at first because of the change, but then i think i loved it more. have you read Bitterblue yet?


  7. I have Graceling on my Nook, I just need to actually get around to reading it! Roanoke Girls sounds really interesting as does Strangers! I really enjoy mystery books, and sometimes having them set in different countries gives me just the perfect amount of different.


  8. I'm intrigued by Good Behavior by Blake Crouch. I recently read Dark Matter and enjoyed the writing style. This seems very different though. I'm going to do some more research πŸ™‚ Love that I stumbled upon this info, I had no idea.


  9. Thanks for sharing! I do like a good mystery/thriller, so the first two sound great. I've heard a lot about The Graceling Series since I love YA but it's never really interested me. I'm glad you enjoyed the two books though!



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