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Currently… Christmas Edition

Reading: I just finished reading Market Street Cinema by Michele Machado. It was a NetGalley read that was short and not bad but didn’t leave a strong impression on me. Next on my list is Graceling by Kristin Cashore. I downloaded the Overdrive app to check out Kindle books from my library, and it’s perfect because I can read with one hand while holding Ellie. I am a big fan of physical books, but it’s way more practical to use my Kindle right now, and even better that I can still check out library books.

Watching: I haven’t been watching anything lately, because I’ve been trying to catch up on reading, but I watched a lot with Penelope in the first month or so. I love Call the Midwife on Netflix. I may be a bit baby obsessed, but it’s a great show, anyway.

Feeling: Like we are totally crazy for taking an 11 week old on a normally 10 hour road trip. My family really wants to see the baby, so we are taking a trip to visit them over Christmas.

Enjoying: Ellie’s smiles – she has recently been loving when I burble my lips at her, and she tries to do it back at me. It is so adorable!

Wanting: All I want for Christmas this year is sleep and maybe a date night. Ellie has been fighting the bottle, so I’m not sure if my mom will be able to watch her or not. There are so many good movies out right now we would love to see, like Rogue One.

Eating: I cut out dairy again *bye cheese, miss you,* because Ellie has lots of spit up and no dairy for me seems to help. We made these vegan chocolate chocolate chip cookies, and they are delicious – so chewy and perfect.

Wishing: Everyone has a perfectly awesome Christmas holiday! We are traveling down to SC and plan to stay for a week or so. We aren’t doing gifts for each other or Ellie this year, because we have too much going on and our finances don’t leave room for extra spending. It’s totally fine, because we don’t need anything and the only things I want are immaterial, like sleep, relaxation, or maybe a hair cut. 

We already got the best gift this year, duh, and she is too sweet. We are waiting to find out lots of things about our future plans, about when we are going to move etc… I just want to know more.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week and enjoy your Christmas plans, whatever they may be.

13 thoughts on “Currently… Christmas Edition

  1. We're trying to cut back a bit on Christmas spending too. We don't go crazy for Caleb because he's too young to know what Christmas is still. We got him 3 smallish gifts but nothing too expensive.


  2. That's so great that you're going to get to celebrate Christmas with your family, and I'm sure that all the stress with traveling with a baby will be all worth it! I can't wait to hear what you think of Graceling! I've been wanting to read it for a while, but haven't had the chance to pick it up yet.


  3. I think it's impressive that you've gotten to read so much! I've heard great things about Call the Midwife. I'd like to start watching it soon!
    Good luck with your roadtrip! I'm sure it'll be ok! You guys are sweet for taking baby to see the family! Happy Holidays!!


  4. Those cookies – I'm checking out that recipe right now.
    My mom has been trying to get me to watch Call the Midwife for the longest. I think I'd love it – I like time period things.


  5. Chris and I aren't doing gifts to each other this year either and I got Zoe a toy, a Christmas book and I want to get her a 2016 ornament since it her first Christmas…and that's it. I'm going to let the grandparents and aunts and uncles spoil her this year. She has a whole new room full of stuff from us this year 😉 those cookies sound sooooo good!!!! I'm way behind on my readings, I've been basically tuned into HGTV every day all day when it's just Zoe and I. Maybe I should try reading some instead. Hope you have a good trip!!! Traveling with a newborn is tricky, hopefully she'll sleep most of the car ride for you.


  6. My family & I will be seeing Rogue One of the holiday! It might become a Christmas tradition since they seem to be coming out around this time. Last year we did the same thing. Enjoy your holiday!

    Ciara @ Eat Run Love.


  7. Awww Ellie is SO sweet! And I think it's awesome that you're not bothering with gifts, especially if you want non-tangible things. Don't they always say experiences make you happier anyway? Cutting out dairy sounds… awful, I am sorry. I hope you get some sleep, and some time away. It's so necessary! And I hope you enjoy Graceling, I'd like to get to that one day! Have a wonderful Christmas!


  8. We've definitely cut back on Christmas spending this year, and it's taken a lot of pressure off, too! Good for you 🙂

    Also, Graceling is amazing. It's one of my favorite books. Have a wonderful Christmas!


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