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6 Weeks With Penelope

I’ve been wanting to make a post for the longest time, but baby seriously takes up 24/7 of our time! Not that I’m complaining. The first few weeks were really rough but things are a little better now, and she is changing all the time. She smiles so much now, I love it! She still smacks herself in the face, so I can’t wait till she learns how to use her arms.

She’s six weeks now and she’s a happy little crazy beast most of the time. She still eats, sleeps, and poops for the whole day, so we look forward to one day when she’s able to play with us, but I am enjoying her cuddles and spend my time taking about 1000 photos of her.ย 
I’ve also been watching a lot of Netflix when it’s just her and I. I’m on Call the Midwife right now. She just woke up from her nap, so I’ve already got to stop writing for now, but I hope I will get to update with our (so far) very positive experience with cloth diapers soon.

10 thoughts on “6 Weeks With Penelope

  1. I love all her cute little expressions and her outfits! I was just going to ask about cloth diapering! I can't wait to hear about it. (Is that weird? I plan to cloth diaper when we have kids, haha.)


  2. Ahhhhh she is the cutest unicorn ever!!! What a precious little girl. I was just going to ask how the cloth diaper experience was going and if it was a pleasant one or not. It isn't in my plans but I suppose it is never too late to change my mind about it. Are you breastfeeding? Wondering how that is going too if you are.


  3. yay! i'm so glad you mentioned them because i was totally going to ask how cloth was going. feel free to tell me in the email how it is going haha or i suppose i can wait for the post. but really, she is so freaking adorable. sorry the first couple weeks were rough but glad things are getting better.


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