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Things I Love to Dislike

… Celebrity news – I have not read any Brangelina news and I don’t read much/any celebrity news. I’m not that interested and I feel weird reading celebrity relationship stories anyway and pretty much don’t believe anything I hear.

… Any housewife show – I tried, but I cannot sit through an episode. All that keeps running through my mind is, “Why? Why do they care?” I just can’t get interested in rich ladies talking behind each others’ back. Whatever the draw is, it’s not for me! I have recently watched a few episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, though, so who am I to say what to watch.

… Beer – I feel like flavored beers are such a trap. Before I turned 21, I was so excited about pumpkin flavored beers, only to be utterly disgusted when I finally had one. Beer and I have never become friends. My favorite drinks are ciders, but I haven’t missed drinking much since becoming pregnant since I didn’t do it often.

… Cats – Just kidding, I love my cats. I put this in here only because my cat is running rampant around my house right now scratching everything in sight out of… what? boredom? an effort to annoy me?

... Spicy food – I wish I liked spicy food, sometimes, but it is not for me. When I eat it, all I can taste is hot. And if there are certain spices in it, my mouth breaks out and gets all swollen, which is not fun (I’m looking at you, Cool Ranch Doritos, which I realize are not even spicy).

… Snow – When did I stop being a kid and snow became the root of all evil? I am from the South, and snow used to be a magical thing that we rarely got. Now, living in Delaware, we get it every year and I love the light snow but could do without the snow storms. The number of times I have driven through snow pouring down is crazy.

… Politics – I will freely share my views, but seriously – why can’t we all just get along?

… Wearing pants – I’m not sure if I’m ready for fall weather and leg traps, yet. I like the feel of shorts and dresses and no pants!

… Coffee – Again, with the fall thing – I won’t be getting pumpkin spice lattes. I will drink coffee in situations where I reallllly need to wake up, but I am not a big fan. I basically have little kid tastes – I like hot chocolate, and strawberry daiquiris without the liquor.

Anything you agree/disagree with? Please help me see the merits if there are things that you like.

15 thoughts on “Things I Love to Dislike

  1. Bahaha! I have a rant post coming up for tomorrow and celebrity gossip is one of the things on there that I just don't get. It's so rude and invasive and pointless! Why would anyone invest emotional energy into caring about the outcome of whatever drama and feeling vindicated for an ex girlfriend or devastated that it's over? You don't know them. Just stop.

    I only drink coffee for the caffeine, but I like all the various coffee-flavored sugar water beverages. Lol! I'm with you on beer and reality tv, though. And I've been alcohol-free since January and I don't miss it, with the possible exception of Bailey's on ice cream, which is more dessert than intoxicating anyway.


  2. hahaha i love hot chocolates and strawberry daiquiris! i do like the alcohol in daiquiris, but my favourite part is the frozen tasty drink. lol. but yes, i tried to watch the real housewives shows and i couldn't figure out why they were so popular.. but lordy i used to love say yes to the dress, and i watch HGTV alllllllll the time.
    and i am with you on spicy food. no thank you please. also, snow. i don't mind it at all when i am inside and have no plans to go outside, but as soon as i have to drive lol nope no thank you AT ALL. i do like beer sometimes though.
    i got so sad and disappointed when i saw 'cats' because i am used to people hating on cats lol but then i was like wait a minute!


  3. I literally give zero cares about most celebrity gossip. It doesn't effect my life in any way so why waste my time with it? I hate the housewife shows and the bachelor shows. I cant not will not get in to them. I prefer shows on HGTV as far as “realty” goes. I have watched Say Yes to the Dress a few times it is fun. I do enjoy beer…but I really haven't missed drinking much since being pregnant. Though, there were a few days where it was really rough at work or whatever and I could have really used a drink haha!


  4. I'd always prefer a dress over pants. I wear them a lot with leggings in the winter!

    I used to be glued to my celeb mags. Not so much any more. I do enjoy People and Entertainment Weekly still, but more for the book stuff and cover stories in those.


  5. You listed so many things that I love haha! I can't get enough of anything spicy and I love the feeling of my mouth burning and nose running, but I think that I would hate if my mouth broke out. I also really love snow too being in the South, but I'm sure that I'd hate it too if I had to drive in it and didn't get off of work!


  6. Cool Ranch Doritos are one of my guilty pleasures! But I'm sure I would feel differently if I was allergic to them.
    I like cider too. Beer is OK but not flavored. Oh I do like this one jalapeno beer that you would definitely hate.
    Celebrity gossip? No interest. Politics? I can't even.


  7. Hahaha- we are 50% on the same page. For the most part, I don't care about celebrity news (I mean, they've JUST people… like, calm down, society), I dislike beer & spicy foods, and I don't watch any housewives of wherever shows. That said, I enjoy coffee and snow πŸ™‚ Also, for some reason I love the royal family and I allow myself to get dragged into the reality show Southern Charm. Hahaha!


  8. I'm the same with celebrity news! I just don't get why it matters. I really hate beer, and spicy food makes me not feel well. Also, I super hate wearing pants! Thankfully, I can wear fleece leggings in the winter. πŸ˜‰


  9. I also don't care for beer, politics, celebrity gossip, or the housewives shows (though I do love a lot of other trashy reality TV). Not a coffee girl either and hate the taste of alcohol! Give me hot chocolate and fruit smoothies all day!


  10. I love love loe coffee, but I hate PSLs. I'm so not basic πŸ˜‰ But seriously, my cats are doing some weird, crazy dance around my house because they're on a diet. Cue insanity.


  11. I'm with you on beer. I cant even stand the smell.
    I need to break my Housewives obsession. I get WAYYY too involved in the stories – that are ALL ridiculous. You are better off not caring.


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