40 Weeks: Bumpdates

We are still here! Obviously, I did not have a baby over the weekend. But, here’s hoping she’ll be here soon! Maybe she’s holding out for my birthday, which is the 29th. Or there is the most probable case, in which she is doing what she wants because she’s a baby.

We have another appointment in a couple days to check on things, so we should find out more then if there’s no news earlier. I can’t believe baby girl is almost here! I don’t know if she realizes that, because she seems pretty cozy.

Size: She is the size of a fully-grown baby. But also this cute and fuzzy animal:

Exercise: Rolling out of bed like a turtle is a kind of exercise. I’ve also been walking every now and then. I’m trying to walk this baby out as much as I can.

Cravings: Rita’s water ice – I will be so sad when it closes for the season! We stopped and I had another chocolate ice with Oreo pieces the other night and Greg got a lemonade ice. I could eat it every day.

Happy thought: It’s in the 70’s, so maternity leggings were broken out. I don’t really like pants, but there is something so comfy about a pair of leggings in cool weather.

Feeling: Back paaaaiiin. Well, it’s more uncomfortable than pain. It happens when I ride in the car for a while. Then we get back home and Greg rubs my back and all is good again.

Enjoying: Reading while I have the time and hanging out with Boba Fett. Hospital bag is mostly packed (some things I use all the time and we will throw in later, like toothbrush etc). Also, I have enjoyed using coupon apps like crazy when we go shopping. I’m obsessed.

Boba is a big fan of hanging out with the belly. I don’t know if he has any idea that a baby is about to take over his spot.

If I do happen to have a baby soon, I’ll update on Instagram, so that’s probably the fastest way to find out (@jeansandatiara), if I don’t have time to update here.

14 thoughts on “40 Weeks: Bumpdates

  1. Eeeee she is hanging out in there because it is all nice and cozy and she doesn't have to deal with people. Smart girl! I will be stalking instagram for updates for sure! Better get in lots of walking, pineapple and spicy food and get her moving! Haha! Just think, that back pain will be subsiding soon. I am feeling it these days as well! Good excuse for a back rub!


  2. I swear I'm watching your IG like a hawk! Haha! I can't believe baby isn't here yet!! Come on, baby! 🙂 You look SO fantastic and healthy- especially being past your due date! So positive and calm, too!


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