Friday Favorites

… Fall – The weather is finally changing and leaves are falling. I’m looking forward to scarves and having the windows open for a little bit.

… Harry Potter things – Did everyone else get excited that you can discover your Patronus? I was surprised by my result.

… Pumpkin macarons – I bought these at Trader Joe’s and they totally exceeded expectations. So delicious!

… Budget Bytes recipe – I made spinach tomato quesadillas, which came out pretty well. I made four and stuck them in the freezer so I could eat them all week.

… Phone case – I’m still on the lookout for a phone case. Luckily, I should have plenty of time since my phone probably won’t get here till November. I’d love a Beauty and the Beast or The Little Mermaid one. Maybe something like this. Or I might go with the clear case I have now.

… Fall clothes – My baby is due literally tomorrow, so I’m hoping I can wear normal clothes eventually. I have no plans for shopping, but it will be time to break out the fall clothes soon.

… Greg points moment – That time that he told me he thought I already had makeup on and he was serious, even though I didn’t believe him at first. + so many points for him.

… Due date – Happy due date this weekend, baby. She’s due the 24th but hasn’t made her move, yet.

Have a fantastic weekend!

11 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I actually ordered that dress from Old Navy… totally does NOT look like that on me. I have to return it. Shame. I love it on that model.
    You KNOWWWW I'm voting for a Beauty & the Beast phone cover.


  2. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE YOUR BABY!?!?! I'm done having babies so I'm living through vicariously through you. The first moment you meet your baby is seriously the best moment in your entire life. Sometimes I do want to have another baby just to experience that one moment again.
    PS: My Patronus is a black-and-white cat… Not sure what that says about me. I always thought it was a fox. What would you have picked? Prior to mink.


  3. Oh my goodness! You are going to have the baby REALLY soon! EEP so exciting!! I took the Patronus quiz and got some sort of weird cat. I wanted something more exciting, honestly! I love that phone case too! Hope that the baby comes soooooon, so excited for yoU!! ♥


  4. Ahhhhh happy due date! That has come and past now….so do we have a baby yet?!?! Or is she taking her sweet time to make a fashionably late appearance? Hehe! Ummm excuse me while I run to TJs for Pumpkin macarons!! Yum!!! I love budget bite recipes too! Normal clothes? Ha! I wonder when I will ever fit in those again….


  5. i keep checking instagram like a crazy person even though i am sure you won't update it the minute she pops out, i can hope 😉 i want that beauty and the beast cover!! and i want to know my patronus. i love everything i have made from budget bytes! actually, one recipe i wasn't a fan of, but it was chicken, so i blame it on that and just stick to her vegetarian recipes. also i am a horrible cook so that was probably the reason.
    my patronus was a brown owl. boo.


  6. So soon, I can't believe it! A cat is not too bad. I have seen some people really disappointed with their results. One person posted on Twitter that they got a brown field mouse haha. They have picked some odd Patronuses.


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