Fall Goals

I think I may be getting ahead of myself by setting goals, when I’m due to have a baby in somewhere around 8 days, but I might as well put some out there and have the possibility of accomplishing them.

1. Most important: have a baby.
Along with this goal is: naming said baby and feeding and otherwise caring for her. And cuddling, I hope there is lots of cuddling to go along with the screaming and pooping.

2. Keep using apps to save money – Ibotta, Ebates, & Cartwheel.
I have enjoyed Ibotta, as long as I remember to save the receipt and scan it and my items in relatively quickly. I finally started using Ebates and while I’ve only saved a little so far, but it’s nice to get something back. I use Cartwheel all the time and have saved so much with it. Any other good apps or coupons I should know about?

I forgot to add my referral links for Ibotta and Ebates, because I’m silly and don’t think of things like that.
Ibotta: If you join, you get $10, I get $5. I signed up this way through a coworker’s referral, and got $10, so that was sweet. Use the link or referral code: xobrihg.
Ebates: If you join, I get $5, with extra bonuses if I refer more than one person.

3. Take baby for her newborn photos.
I have been planning and accumulating accessories and things for the photos we have planned. I am nervous, becauses I have never had a newborn, much less tried to get a newborn to take photos, but our photographers are lovely and have been so helpful in suggesting ideas and going along with what we want.

4. Find out our immediate plans.
This isn’t totally in my control, but it involves both Greg and I. We would really like to move sometime soon, but it depends on things beginning to get rolling and waiting from there. It’s a military thing, and nothing is fast in the government.

5. Take the baby for a walk.
We have the stroller ready, so if she likes it, I would love to take her outdoors around the neighborhood or to a park.

6. Clean out my closet.
I did this recently, but I like to do it every now and then because there’s always something I can clear out to make more room. I was actually on the waiting list for a ThredUp bag for months and months, and finally I took my bag of clothes to a donation place, because I needed the space for baby stuff storage and it was taking too long. My ThredUp bag arrived literally the same day. I was annoyed, but at least the clothes are going somewhere good.

7. Try new recipes.
I was doing well with this for a while, and I made lots of veggie curries and things, but I haven’t been cooking much new for a bit. It’s a bit tricky since Greg eats meat and I’m a vegetarian, but I don’t mind cooking things just for me.

8. Take fitness as it comes.
I really like getting out and walking right now, and I’m going to have to be patient after baby is here in taking small fitness steps.

I’m linking up with Steph and Sara today for Fall Seasonal Goals.

Life According to Steph

What goals do you have this fall?

17 thoughts on “Fall Goals

  1. i always forget about cartwheel, but i LOVE ebates. that being said, i order a LOT for work, so i get a bunch of money back. i always forget to use it for personal purchases lol. i downloaded ibotta but i always forget to use it and am not even sure how to use it.
    oh how annoying about your thredup bag. i still have mine, haven't filled it or sent it back yet, i'm not sure if i want to do that or try ebay again. at least if it doesn't work on ebay i can then send it to thredup or donate.. we'll see.
    good luck with all things baby!


  2. Have a baby – best goal ever 🙂
    I'll give you a heads up – new parents are always nervous at newborn pics… try & relax. it's all on baby timing & attitude – nothing you can do about it so dont let it bother you. Photographers are used to it. I always say babies can pick up on the anxiety of parents so just enjoy it 🙂


  3. Oh good luck with everything! We use cartwheel all the time and have saved like over $300. Which is pretty good on just small things. 🙂 Do you also use the Target App? It has mobile coupons too. Not many but you can combine them with Cartwheel. 🙂 I use Ibotta, but don't get a lot from it usually, I don't buy the brand name items that they are usually peddling. LOL Maybe you get more options at different stores. I should try ebates, I never have. I haven't tried thredup yet either… hmm so many things to be trying these days. Good luck with the future talks. KC and I are at that juncture right now too… goodness. We would love to move into a house, but don't have the savings yet. Pondering different ways to save faster… some ideas are much more appealing than others. Good luck with your fall goals, I can't wait to see baby posts! 🙂 P.S. I have a stationery company if you are interested in sending out birth announcements with your newborn photos. If not, no pressure at all! I am growing my business, so I would be happy to do a discount or something for a post/social media exposure if you are interested. If not, SERIOUSLY no big deal. Just thought I'd throw it out there. 🙂 Have a great weekend! XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


  4. Ahhhhhhh 8 days! Wow!!! If you only cross off the first thing on your list you totally win this by the way. I love Ibotta and Cartwheel. I do Swagbucks when I order from some places online but I need to get in to ebates. I signed up a long time ago and never did anything with it. Good luck on your goals!


  5. Baby!!! I am sooo excited for you. 🙂
    I hope the newborn photos go well. They are usually super sleepy the first week.
    Oh hey, I think you mentioned Ibotta to me a while back and I started using it. Haven't saved a ton yet but a dollar is a dollar. Now I need to check out Cartwheel and eBates.


  6. These are awesome fall goals. Although I don't know if anything can beat “have a baby!” 🙂 I cleaned out my closet tonight and I feel like a different person!! I used some organizational tips from the website DoItOnADime.com and it looks awesome!


  7. Oh mylanta, only a few days left until the baby arrives?! WOW! I'm so excited for you guys, and yes, definitely take baby out for walks if you can. It's nice to get out of the house when you have a newborn. 🙂


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