friday things

Friday Things

1. Etsy shopping
We finally got the drawer knobs we ordered from Etsy for the baby dresser. I love them! It took forever to get them, but it’s worth it to have a more customized dresser. We looked at the dressers at Babies R’ Us, and holy moly are they expensive. We went the IKEA route, and added the knobs to make it ours.

2. Reading
I have been reading Live from New York by Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller. I’m not a huge SNL follower, but Greg and I started watching the last year or two, and we both like the current cast and the previous one. It’s really interesting reading the stories from the cast and writers, even not having seen the early episodes.

3. Cats
Boba Fett is my reading partner. He also still insists on being picked up and carried around every time I leave the bathroom. Perhaps he is trying to get his attention in now before the baby comes.

4. Trying a new recipe
I discovered that you can easily make BBQ tempeh sandwiches if you crumble the tempeh, mix in some BBQ sauce, and cook it with onions and peppers in a pan. So good, so easy! I also love homemade baked onion rings from the But I Could Never Go Vegan cookbook.

5. Watching
I haven’t been watching any TV shows since finishing Stranger Things last month, but we have been watching lots of Gilmore Girl reruns.

I started to cancel my Hulu account, since I haven’t been using it, and they gave me an extra month for free if I kept it. Okay, if they insist. I’ll wait to cancel till after my free month if I’m not watching it then. They actually have lots of movies I haven’t seen yet, and we used it for a movie night the other night.

Anything good on Hulu I should be watching? Have a fantastic weekend!

18 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. Hulu had a really good show on there called “11.22.63” starring James Franco. It's fictional where a man can go back in time to potentially stop the assassination of JFK. Really interesting. It's based off of a Stephen King novel of the same name.


  2. Oh my goodness those knobs are so adorable, and even better when you can get a good deal on them! We watch a mixture of Hulu and Netflix but luckily we use my sisters account so we don't have to pay for it. It's pretty crazy the difference in what the two programs offer.


  3. Those little knobs are SO cute! I love it! 🙂 My sister was registering at babiesrus and said that same thing, everything is SO expensive!! :/ I love how you made your IKEA dresser more unique. 🙂 Plus, I love IKEA. For real, it's one of my happy places. That book sounds super interesting. We like the show, but also haven't been watching it much. Vanessa Bayer visited our campus once and my sister in law met her by the campus coffee shop randomly. Super cool. 🙂 I'm thinking about dropping cable. We never watch it. 🙂 Also, I love your cat and that he is being so needy pre-baby. 😛 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


  4. Ahhh those knobs!!! They are so so cute! I love how something that simple can really change the look of something. I want to get some glass knobs for babies room….depending on what kind of dresser we go with. Chris wants to cancel Hulu as well. We usually watch our new shows on it and we pay premium for no commercials…but like all the Shonda shows (Greys, Scandal, etc) still have a commercial before and after so what is the point???


  5. Those knob are ADORABLE. I need to order them right now for our future nursery someday off in the far distance! Haha! And that book looks great!

    We have Hulu and we watch The Mindy Project on it. I also like Casual, but it's a bit raunchy. Ha.


  6. I love what you've done with the Ikea dresser, that's a really neat idea! It's tough deciding what to do with the subscription services. We had HBO but cancelled it since we're all caught up wth GoT. Hulu was begging me to try them out again for another free month, so I've been watching Hulu. And then back to Netflix because I want to watch Stranger Things 🙂


  7. oh my gosh those drawer knobs are so adorable!!
    i love when things give you free months when you try and cancel lol
    mmm that bbq sandwich sounds delish! except i don't like bbq, so i don't know what i am thinking. the crumbly tempeh with onions and peppers is what sounds good.


  8. I actually watched that! I sign up for Hulu when there's something there I want to see, and that was one thing. I didn't love it, but it wasn't bad. Probably the book is better, but I am not a Stephen King fan.


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