37 Weeks: Bumpdates

Things are really moving along quickly. Her due date, September 24th, is so close! But I also see people on the baby bump communities I’ve been reading having their babies ahead of me, even people with later due dates. What would be brilliant is if we could sync up my and her birthdays, since mine is on the 29th.

Baby girl will make her appearance when she’s good and ready.

Movement: They say that the kicks get less strong as she gets bigger and runs out of room, but she still kicks pretty hard. She started something new by punching my left side; usually she only favors the right. She also has lots of hiccups! I feel bad when she gets them, but it does give me an idea of where her head is.

Size: Well, my app is really running out of animals. Apparently, my baby is the size of a skunk now. At least baby skunks are cute.

Exercise: I’ve been trying to walk a few times a week for a couple miles each time. It’s helped that the mornings have cooled down a little bit so it’s only 75 or 80 instead of the super hot heat.

Cravings: I haven’t had that many cravings in the third trimester (they all happened in the first trimester), but I seriously needed some strawberries the other day and ate almost the whole pack in one day. I also had a cotton candy flavored water ice that was amazing. We had to drive to two different Rita’s to find it.

Sleeping: I have to switch back and forth between sides a lot, because my ribs hurt if I lie on one side too long, but I usually only get up once or twice a night to pee. The Snoogle pillow has saved my hips so they are comfy. This morning, I woke up way too early and couldn’t fall back asleep. Maybe she kicked me awake, I have no idea what happened. Finally, after browsing Reddit on my phone, I fell back asleep an hour and a half later and slept well.

Wearing: Dresses are my favorite thing. I only have a few maternity dresses, but no pants is seriously the way to go. Nobody needs those things. I tried wearing some of my pre-maternity dresses, but the bump makes things way too short. I’ve been wearing lots of shorts and dresses since it’s still hot here.

I went from liking the over-the-bump shorts in the beginning, to now rolling the bump covering part down, because I don’t like having anything covering the bump besides a shirt!

Feeling: Pretty happy. No more ultrasounds, just appointments once a week to check on her. I get tired by the end of the day if we do a lot, which isn’t really much for me these days. It could just be a day of shopping and I need to lie on the couch in weird yoga poses afterward to get comfortable.

We have most of the things we want to get before she gets here. There are a few more things I’m still debating. For example, the Owlet baby monitor. It’s a little oximeter that goes on her foot to make sure she’s breathing okay. It’s not necessary, but it would make me feel better, so I haven’t decided yet. We also have a stash of cloth diapers ready to try out, as well as lots of different sizes of disposables we received early on we will probably mix in. I’m planning to use disposables in the very beginning, anyway, since apparently the first week of poops are hard to wash out.

We don’t have a nursery, so we don’t have to worry about that yet, since she’ll be sleeping in our room. She’s all set for a stroller, rockers, swing, and any big stuff, thanks in bunches to family and coworkers. I’m hesitant to buy too many clothes, because I’d rather wait till we know what size she is.

Greg and I are enjoying the time off and working on fun projects which I will share if I complete my part! We’ve been having pizza nights and relaxing between doing baby things.

9 thoughts on “37 Weeks: Bumpdates

  1. You are getting so close!!! I looked at the Owlet monitor too but I cant get past the price of it! Plus I read in a few places that they give a lot of false alarms and if I had a false alarm with that thing I would just die panicking. I am all about the dresses too and don't want much over the bump.


  2. Oh wow, you're almost there! So exciting! Any day now since 37 is full term. Oh wow, your birthdays will be so close. My son, hubby, and I all have our birthdays within one week of each other with our son in the middle.


  3. Sooooo close! I have to say I appreciate that you don't have this super duper Pinterest perfect nursery setup. Glad to know I'm not the only one. šŸ™‚
    That first week of poop… Get ready! It's weird.
    There is another breathing monitor called the Snuza which is cheaper than the Owlet (I think around $100). It clips on the diaper. I didn't use it for either of my kids but a good friend did & liked having the peace of mind. Her baby had some health issues though so seemed more necessary.


  4. That's awesome! My mom told me she hopes my baby doesn't have the same birthday as me and I told her she can have it, I don't mind. I think her birthday is going to be a way bigger deal than mine for a long time! And it would be interesting to have the same birthday.


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