Reasons I’ve Unfollowed

When I read Jenn’s post, it reminded me of all the silly reasons I’ve unfollowed blogs. Since I first started reading and blogging a few years ago, I have a better idea of what I’ll actually read now. I used to follow all kinds of huge blogs, but nobody has time for that. Here are some reasons I unfollowed, with a bonus appearance by my cats.

1. The blogger mentioned how they casually stole something from a shop.
When I read Jenn’s post, this was one of the first reasons that popped into my head. It was the most bizarre to me. If stealing things is so normal to someone, and they don’t see it as a problem, I’m not sure I could feel comfortable with them.

2. Every other post is a giveaway.
I have never won a giveaway on a blog post and it can be time-consuming to enter. All I end up with is following a ton of blogs I’ll never read! On the other hand, if it’s a special giveaway posted on a blog I regularly read, I’m likely to enter and check out the other contributors because they might be something I’d like to read.

3. They posted photos of animals they hunted.
If people want to hunt, that is their choice. I am a vegetarian, so obviously it’s not for me, but they are free to make their own decisions. Having multiple bloody animal photos show up on my feed is not really what I’m into, though. I have hidden people’s posts on Facebook for the same reason. I have some very Southern cousins who like to post that stuff and I am quick to make them hidden.

4. There are lots of religious posts.
Many bloggers I follow are religious and I am in no way upset by their views. When it’s mentioned in posts, it can help explain where you are coming from and your thought process. I don’t read religious-centered blogs, though, so I may quietly step away if every post is heavy with it.

5. They never replied to my comments.
I think this is a big one. If I comment multiple times and get no response back, I will assume you aren’t into being friends and that is totally okay. But I’m not going to put a bunch of effort into following a blog if I can’t connect with that person.

6. There are too many posts about “How to…”
It’s a personal preference, but I like reading blogs to see what other people are up to and for personal stories/advice. I don’t want to read blogging tutorials or tips about beauty/hair/etc in every post. I love personal recommendations, but I don’t want to be sold things.

7. I can’t afford their shopping habits.
A $500 handbag is not in my budget, so I avoid high-priced fashion blogs. Link me to some good Old Navy deals and the rare steal at Nordstrom.

I don’t unfollow a ton of blogs, and I’m happy with my feed as it is. My tastes have changed since I first started blogging, so I expect it to change as I go on.

What are some reasons you’ve unfollowed?

20 thoughts on “Reasons I’ve Unfollowed

  1. I am with you, I wouldn't follow someone who steals. Why would anyone put that online anyways?? I am not a fan of the how to posts every single day, or the giveaways or sponsored posts every single day either. I am ok with them here and there because I get that some people make money off those and way to go for them!! But I do want to see that you are still a real person! And while I have nothing against any religion, I don't want to read about it every day either. And the commenting thing!!! If you don't want to come read my blog cool, but at least answer me when I take my time to say something to you! That is human decency.


  2. Yay! Thanks for the shotout. 😀 If I had done a “reasonable reasons I unfollowed” post most of these would be on there. When I started I was all about blogging about blogging and how to posts, but after a while you figure it out and if you're not trying to make money, what's the point? I have some blogs that I follow who are big so there's no point in commenting, but those are mostly for a specific topic like organization, minimalism, business etc. I don't follow any “big” lifestyle bloggers because even if they do respond to comments, it's perfunctory and you can tell. It's just not possible to spend time on real conversations once you have hundreds of followers!


  3. I agree with so many of these! Before I had my own blog I followed a handful of “big” blogs and I never commented and that was fine. It was more like watching reality TV, Haha. Once I started blogging, I started reading smaller blogs that I feel like I'm actually developing a friendship though mutual reading/commenting/replying.
    I would absolutely unfollow someone who posted hunting photos too!


  4. Someone posted about stealing?! Yikes!!

    Totally agree with the how to posts. I enjoy them from time to time but am more interested in personal blogs.

    I enjoy getting comment replies and feel like such a jerk lately because for some reason, I'm not getting a lot of email notifications of comments and therefore can't reply back. So frustrating!!!


  5. I think never responding to comments is a big one for many people–I don't think every comment needs to be responded to, but most people feel like when they take the time to comment, they at least want to be recognized a little for that investment.


  6. OHHHH YEAHHHHHH – on the hunting pictures. I tend to block most people during the fall when deer season starts. I just cant deal.
    & yes on the giveaway blogs & the WAYYY too expensive tastes. I do good to get in a shopping trip at Target once a month.


  7. Wow… Someone admitted to stealing on their blog?! That's insane! (First that they stole – second that they publicly stated it.) I tend to shy away from fashion blogs, but if my normal bloggers post about fashion I'm totally ok with that. I usually don't follow too many marriage blog either because I think my relationship with K is unique and I don't want to compare it to how others live and communicate 🙂 And if the font is unappealing. I know that's wrong/weird, but I want to enjoy my experience. Ha!


  8. I definitely agree!!! Commenting is a big one for me. Right up there with that is, the “OMG YOUR BLOG IS SO GREAT, PLEASE FOLLOW ME.” – followed by a few weeks of back and forth commenting and then nada. They just wanted the follow, and that's ridiculous. UGH. I definitely don't go for the pricey fashion, constant giveaway posts either. Not my jam. I don't want to see your hunting pictures either. I am not super religious, and so I generally don't follow those blogs either. There were a few I did at one time, but one of the girls was telling her birth story, and her doctor was out of town, and so she had “some Asian lady” as her doctor. UM EXCUSE ME, WHAT????! – it was completely other century racism like. and I could not even. Unfollow. I also hate the, here's my generic comment. Have a great day! Type of comment. I actually READ what people post. Even if I happen to skim part of one, I come up with a genuine comment. I hate that. XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


  9. I feel like I unfollow a lot of people more on Facebook than I do on blogs. I have specific blogs in my 'favorites' folder that I read on a regular basis (yours included) – although I feel kind of creepy if I don't comment that regularly haha – but on FB – the people who whine. about anything. that their boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other sucks, or they just hate how fat they are (but don't do anything to help that) & other things. Also if they consistently repost rude/gross/demeaning memes or things. I'm just not into it. I only surround myself with positivity & will not read or subject myself to anything that may potentially bring me down.


  10. same..but the stealing one? is that for real? LOL.

    i've unfollowed a lot of blogs that have become unrelatable…as in they're trying to make money off their blog and i can't relate to their fashion posts, their reviews (because they got paid for it) etc.


  11. Wait, someone mentioned how they casually stole something? Like recently? Not as a teenager? GTFO! LOL

    I've unfollowed most because of how tos (multiple times a week? Let me show you a post called How to Unfollow People) and next because of not replying to comments. Do I miss comments here and there? Yes. Do I get behind? Yes. But I don't just NOT REPLY to people as a rule, which is what some people seem to do.


  12. excuse me?! someone stole something?! wtf? and they just mentioned it? i think the only thing i have stolen in the last few years was a case of diet coke, it was on the bottom of my trolley and i forgot about it till i got to my car. i went back in and paid lol. i can't believe someone stole something and then talked about it. wtf.
    i have won one giveaway on a blog… and i never got the prize. needless to say, i unfollowed that person lol. i'm still bitter about it. well, i've one a gift card from steph & jana but that doesn't count because i know and trust them lol so i wasn't like this is pointless to enter.
    omg i only follow one blogger who hunts, but she rarely posts pictures of them.. and once i even commented like please warn a girl, k? i don't want to see that.
    i don't mind if people share things they actually do or care about – like reviews on products they use, services they subscribe to, whatever whatever. how to do something they actually do and want to share, but i am not a fan of anything blogging how to related, or anything that really isn't a one size fits all – like how to have a perfect marriage, or how to have a perfect exercise routine.. what works for you won't work for others, you know?
    and yeah with the religion. blogging to me is something i do to relate to people, and i don't mind when people casually mention it, because i get it- it's a huge part of their life. but i find it very hard to comment or find something in common in a purely religious post/blog.
    lol @ the $500 handbag. i bought a new handbag on my trip and it was $40 and i was like 'is that too expensive? that's the most i've paid for a bag in like 5 years!'


  13. I probably unfollow more Facebook people than blog people, too :). There was one person who posted thousands of selfies that look exactly the same.. so weird. Whiners are really annoying, too! Some things I understand, like I'm bound to complain about things. But when someone is always whining about guys or relationships, it's tiresome. I agree, make an effort to change something. Stop dating that person?? I don't know, common sense applies.


  14. I am definitely a personal blog fan. I used to be interested in how many page views and stuff blogs get, and now I'm more interested in talking to people. It's so fun. BTW, your account comes up as a no-reply blogger, so maybe that's why you haven't been getting the notifications? I can't reply to your comments via email. There's an easy fix, it's just a setting you have to change to “show my email” under your blogger account (if you have one).


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