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I enjoyed watching some of the Olympics this year. I’m not a huge Olympics watcher, but I love watching some sports, like the running and swimming. Maybe because I like imagining normal people running/swimming behind them and how ridiculous it would look in comparison.

The Olympics are over now, but after seeing Kristen’s post of her Olympic Book tag, I was really interested in the idea. Thanks to Shannon for starting it all and making all of the graphics. I love finding new books and any sort of book sharing posts.

Let me say I may be biased because I am a huge Neil Gaiman fan. I have my favorites of his and ones that are further on my list, but this one was really magical for me for some reason. It’s a short read, and I think he excels at short story/novella format. This one is still a novel, so you’re not left wanting like you may be when reading short stories.

I’m going to cheat and say travel book since I’m not sure if I’ve read a lot of road trip books. I can highly recommend this if you are into intense personal accounts of disasters. Jon Krakauer was on a Mount Everest hiking trip that went wrong, and it’s a fascinating account of everything that goes into reaching the summit of Everest and the people who do it or try to do it.

If you’re in the mood for an epic romance, it doesn’t get much better than Outlander. I think it’s clear pretty early on who you WANT her to choose, but it makes you wonder what’s right in the situation of time travel.

I wanted to like this, because it’s a classic sci-fi, but I don’t think I really understood most of it.

I put off reading this for a while, but I didn’t need to. It’s SO good, and so relatable but will maybe make you cry because I was totally crying by the end.

There is a LOT of fighting in here, but it’s also a fantastic story. I’m on a break right now from finishing up the trilogy, because I need a little light and fluffy in between the fighting. I finished number two, which left me with a cliffhanger and I have just one more to read.

The first book in this trilogy is very twisty! Definitely makes you guess what the truth is. After that, the series gets more horror-themed.

As a vegetarian, this shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s very informative, and anything bad happening to animals instantly makes me cry. This is the book that made me go vegan right after reading it, although I think the author may be vegetarian (don’t quote me on that). Now I’ve switched to vegetarian for pregnancy, but this book gave me solid reasons to make the change and not eat meat.

I enjoyed this book, but it is not a fast-paced read.

I read this in middle school, and it always stuck with me. The movie is very different, so I recommend reading it.

Animals play a huge part in this series! I loved the idea of having a companion animal as a kid.

This cover really grabbed me, but I was not into the characters.

I love the relationship between Yelena and Valek, and the friendship she develops with her mentors, Ari and Janco. It’s part of a trilogy, and is worth a read on its’ own.

On a totally unrelated note, does anyone else remember random author’s names? This lady was outside the library the other day shouting at her friend angrily, “Who wrote ‘Room’????” Her friend seemed baffled, so I yelled back, “Emma Donohue!” I didn’t want some kind of library fight to break out between the incensed woman and her friend, and she was happy to get the name.

Have you read any of these books?

12 thoughts on “The Olympic Book Tag

  1. Outlander! Seriously epic romance. Have you read the rest? I liked the first 3-4 books but thought they bogged down a little after that.
    Totally agree about Kate Morton. I like all her books but slow-paced is definitely the right word for them!


  2. Bradbury confuses the hell out of me.
    I keep trying to read The Help but I just haven't gotten into it. I'll try again soon. Ha. Definitely not a fan of The Giver- UGH. lol
    I need to read the Foer book and The Golden Compass!
    That library story is hilarious! I'm glad you replied! Haha!


  3. Oh fun, looking into a few of these that I hadn't heard of. I didn't know Outlander featured a love triangle (haven't bit the bullet yet) but it makes sense… it's a lot of long books in a series. They've got to do something in there! 🙂 The Help also made me sob. I agree that that cover is very cool, but it's a bummer you didn't like it that much. I have Stardust on my Erin 5.0 challenge. I love the movie, watched it before I even knew it was a book back in the day… Excited to read it. I also picked up a Gaiman at a bookstore that's going out of business. It was 40% off and I couldn't pass it up. I'm pretty sure it was Neverwhere. XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


  4. Ok, this is so much fun, and I really hope that I get to make my own sometime soon! I totally agree with you about The House at Riverton! I actually put it down for a while because I got so bored with it, and eventually picked it back up to read. I loved The Giver growing up, but I really don't remember too much of the storyline. I think that I need to pick it back up again soon!


  5. I was in the middle of my own post and I was hardcore struggling with books about animals and then I saw yours and was all “derp.” I JUST finished The Golden Compass so you'd think it would come to mind but no. I loved The Giver! And I'm definitely adding Poison Study to my list because I also had trouble with the “great friendship” category.

    I'm terrible with author's names! I didn't start learning them at all until I started using Goodreads a couple years ago. Now I feel like I know a ton but it's really only the authors who I've read multiples series by.


  6. LOL they should totally make normal people run behind the olympians to see how ridiculous it would look lol. i really enjoyed the ocean at the end of the lane! i think i liked the graveyard one a bit more. oh when you said outlander i was like as if, but you are so right! you *want* to choose one, but the whole right and wrong thing with time travel… you are so right!
    hahaha you are hilarious remembering the names of authors. i remember KC brought up ready player one once, before i had read it, and he was like 'by, um' and i was like 'ernest cline'. haha. i am reading a darker shade of magic right now, and KC was looking for a new sci fi/fantasy book and stumbled across that one, and he tried it but was like oh it's all girly stuff i don't remember who wrote it, and i supplied her name as well. and other times i forget everything, so you know. there's no rhyme or reason!


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